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  1. Dawn

    The end of ENW

    Medez finally demotes himself, thank god for that.
  2. Dawn


    BEST GAME EVER FITZ, already played an hour :^)
  3. Dawn

    ENW Christmas Giveaway

    Do you honestly think Medez is on time with anything, he is a living meme when it comes to that.
  4. Dawn

    Christmas giveaway

    Winner is Jazz. Congratzzzz. Message me on steam which game you want Jazz, since you got me added. #rigged
  5. Dawn

    ENW Christmas Giveaway

    <3 100 million years in gulag <3
  6. Dawn

    Christmas giveaway

    What, you thought that because I resigned as admin-leader I wouldn't be doing the best event of the year (COUGH)? I live for this shit boi (YEEAAAAH BOIIIIIIII) To enter you must comment: "<3 weebs <3" Winner receives any steam game by choice which must be 20 euros (17,75 pounds) or less. I'll announce the winner on Boxing Day! (26th December)
  7. Dawn

    ENW Christmas Giveaway

    Like this post for goodluck.
  8. Dawn

    Shit ENW Says

    "Reasons above" "-1 R.A."
  9. Soon, you will turn into a weeb Defused.
  10. Dawn

    Medez's resignation

    Grow the fk up you guys and do something about that bean stench while you are at it, Gosh.
  11. Dawn


    Kirito has been demoted from his moderator position due to his activity.
  12. Hope you understand that "you" got perm banned. Making another account does not magically make the perm ban dissapear for you. Locked ;>
  13. Playing the victim card when you got perm banned and you are ban evading.
  14. That red-haired guy looks like Gildarts. Hyped for the shape, naisu Schwarz
  15. Dawn


    Oggy has been accepted as an admin on our servers, he has shown to be a valuable asset to our community. Congratz.Sir.
  16. Dawn


    Congratz both of you plebs.
  17. Dawn


    Due to lack of activity and attempts to reach Bender with no response we have decided to demote him from his staff position. Thanks for the time you have put into ENW <3
  18. I thought winners from both teams get a price each per map (was on your spam bind), I feel scammed.
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