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  1. Frezmo

    BHOP Combat!

    Hello ENW!!!!!!!!!! As you guys know, our servers have been in quite a bad situation and they have all been pretty much dead as of recent. Thus, we have decided to replace Bhop Timer with Bhop Combat! It's always a good idea to try new innovative things and we know that the community wanted it for a few months no! So here you go guys, just as we promised! Server ip: If you want to support us, buy VIP/Helper here: https://www.extreme-network.net/vip/ And a huge thanks to @Kurama and @alligator who made it possible to release Bhop Combat! The server will be opened to the public later! It has some more maintenance issues to go through first.
  2. Frezmo

    Ban reviews!

    We're currently in the process of reviewing old bans and are looking to revoke them. If you would like to have the chance to have your ban revoked please appeal using the appropriate means provided on the forums. https://extreme-network.net/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/63-ban-appeal/
  3. Frezmo


    5v5 surf combat. Round ends when one team has eliminated the entire other team. If it comes down to a 1v1 situation beacons get turned on. Best of 30 rounds just like in comp games.
  4. Frezmo

    New Owners

    Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Frezmo


  6. Frezmo

    You're back!

    1. OLE


      happy days

  7. Frezmo

    Lionking Resignation

  8. Frezmo

    free VIP Surf Combat KTAN!

    Gotta have Japan
  9. Frezmo


    Blade > Zeroh
  10. Frezmo

    Guilty pleasures.

    My guilt pleasure is taking a wee in the garden late at night in bare feet. Digging my toes in the soil and staring up at the stars. Do you guys have any guilt pleasures that you wish to share?
  11. Frezmo


    Unclasp and move.
  12. Frezmo


    You're one kool kat.
  13. Frezmo

    My Resignation

    Didn't really know you very well but you were very helpful when teaching me how to be a mod and I appreciate that. Later man, wish you the best in whatever you do.
  14. Frezmo


    big man yob look out
  15. Frezmo


    gg no re