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    Spooning, Mooning, McTooning, Pot Noodle is the boogaly scoodle, BBC, David Attenbourgh, Rolf Harris, Thicc Guys who smell nice (#dad bods), Rocks, Digby, P90 B rushes, The French, Ruizu.

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    Spooning the moon, Love dad bods, Rock freak, Stayed at Neverland, Got 135 kills in ONE game, I can fly, I can't breathe underwater, I have 4.5 legs, Can't swim, Rambo is based off my life, Own 3 pigs, I own 50,000 HotWheels(tm), My dad is Alan Sugar, Saw a whale once (it was cool), Arrested for arson, I'm a eunuch, I have 13 kids (all were sideswipes #swipernoswiping), Unlike other girls blatant sexist things don't offend me because I live off male approval.
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  1. Frezmo


  2. Frezmo

    You're back!

    1. OLE


      happy days

  3. Frezmo

    free VIP Surf Combat KTAN!

    Gotta have Japan
  4. Frezmo


    Blade > Zeroh
  5. Frezmo

    Guilty pleasures.

    My guilt pleasure is taking a wee in the garden late at night in bare feet. Digging my toes in the soil and staring up at the stars. Do you guys have any guilt pleasures that you wish to share?
  6. Frezmo


    Unclasp and move.
  7. Frezmo


    You're one kool kat.
  8. Frezmo

    My Resignation

    Didn't really know you very well but you were very helpful when teaching me how to be a mod and I appreciate that. Later man, wish you the best in whatever you do.
  9. Frezmo


    big man yob look out
  10. Frezmo


    gg no re
  11. Frezmo

    fyas birthday

    fya have a happy birthday from me to you
  12. Frezmo


  13. Frezmo

    Queen Elizabeth

    - Do not bump any old topic which is over 14 days old unless it's needed. à 1 Warning Point. Just saw what I did wrong 😞
  14. Frezmo

    Your music?

    There's a band called press to meco that I really love, but they don't get much attention.