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  1. So these maps that will be created will be added to all these communities? Also I want to know who is participating, anyone from enw??? I'm curious. Anyway I guess it's a cool contest, unfortunely I dont know how to make maps.
  2. YesOrDie

    Vip JoinSounds

    0:16' to whatever amount it ends. There ya go Joram
  3. YesOrDie

    Skins Stolen

    Lets mention the Photoshop in this is beautiful
  4. "The pain doesn't go away, just make room for it" - Andrea The Walking Dead
  5. you didnt answer what I asked for
  6. Bugatti Chiron or Nissan GTR What is your favourite cereal?
  7. too much to read. next
  8. YesOrDie


    I have never watched Game Of Thrones, I should probably go watch it. I've been watching The Walking Dead tho.
  9. to be fair, I didn't really see any culture when I went to Dublin xD Maybe because I didn't go to many places
  10. YesOrDie

    Vip JoinSounds

    In game name: YesOrDie Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:112603262 Starts 2;07' to 2:24' I got a few more of Suggested Joinsounds but I don't want this post to go on too much.Song - Grindin' - NF
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