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    I'm 15 Years old from Poland, like to smesh people on CS, they talk about my 1 taps.
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  1. YesOrDie

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

    gg, nice giveaway btw. Don't know where you got the idea to do it but cool.
  2. YesOrDie

    bring back mg

    I think MG was pretty dead, nobody really played it. The amount of players I saw was like 2-6. If there was a new server being created probably 1v1 server would be the best one to do.
  3. YesOrDie

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

    5, my favourite number... thats why i picked it..
  4. Wait how would it be fair for staff? or is there a limit onto how many staff and hunters there is? because I wouldnt imagine having 4 staffs on while about 15 players or so hunting. maybe I just dont understand this gamemode...
  5. YesOrDie

    Goodbye Ruizu

    Yeah, I dont think making a joke about somebody dying is funny, but you can obviously tell he is joking by the words he uses, Even though i would not do this xD
  6. YesOrDie

    Goodbye Ruizu

  7. YesOrDie

    Big JB Maps Thread

    Alright, so do you think the map will stay?
  8. YesOrDie

    Big JB Maps Thread

    Wierd, I thought you die by all of them, one helper tried it out and all of the vending machines killed him.
  9. YesOrDie

    Big JB Maps Thread

    So you saying the vending machine suppose to be there??
  10. YesOrDie

    Josh's Resignation

    well Josh made bhop fun, i guess it will be still fun xD
  11. YesOrDie

    Big JB Maps Thread

    jb_vipinthemix_csgo_hex_12 (Pretty sure its called that) Reason : Many secrets are broken (too op) and there is a very annoying glitch, the glitch i'm talking about is the vending machines, the kill you instantly when touched any of them. Secrets: These secrets on this map are too op, 1 secrets spawns you straight into armory, you access this secrets by going through a vent in one of the cells. Another one spawns you straight to an r8. Also the usp secret is still a thing with these other secrets added. It's way too hard for ct's (recommend bringing back the old vipinthemix)
  12. YesOrDie

    Josh's Resignation

    Rip bhop i enjoyed it
  13. YesOrDie

    JB Lr Rules

    Can rules in LR be anything, such as making someone do something stupid (e.g singing, saying something stupid or incomprehensible)