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    CS:GO, csgo and Counter strike Global offensive, oh yea also Counter strike GO

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    I'm 16 Year old from Poland. Like to smesh people on CS, they talk about my 1 taps.
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  1. too much to read. next
  2. YesOrDie


    I have never watched Game Of Thrones, I should probably go watch it. I've been watching The Walking Dead tho.
  3. to be fair, I didn't really see any culture when I went to Dublin xD Maybe because I didn't go to many places
  4. YesOrDie

    Vip JoinSounds

    In game name: YesOrDie Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:112603262 Starts 2;07' to 2:24' I got a few more of Suggested Joinsounds but I don't want this post to go on too much.Song - Grindin' - NF
  5. YesOrDie

    New Owners

    Welcome new Owners, I'm surprised that Papa is a owner though, would never imagine him being one xD
  6. Oh please IF someone is gonna buy is please hopefully they wont mess it up anyway good job owners for keeping it up for another year.
  7. YesOrDie


    Undertale Summer Dojo
  8. gg, nice giveaway btw. Don't know where you got the idea to do it but cool.
  9. 5, my favourite number... thats why i picked it..
  10. Wait how would it be fair for staff? or is there a limit onto how many staff and hunters there is? because I wouldnt imagine having 4 staffs on while about 15 players or so hunting. maybe I just dont understand this gamemode...
  11. YesOrDie

    Goodbye Ruizu

    Yeah, I dont think making a joke about somebody dying is funny, but you can obviously tell he is joking by the words he uses, Even though i would not do this xD
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