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  1. Raelity_Vlad


    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy
  2. Raelity_Vlad

    Give away

    Please dont troll giveaway related comments only
  3. Raelity_Vlad

    Give away

  4. Raelity_Vlad

    Give away

    shots fired ouchie he aint coming back from that he is ROASTED
  5. Raelity_Vlad

    Give away

    you have to say it without the parenthesis or you wont be counted
  6. Raelity_Vlad

    Give away

    As @Ruizusaid its the Steam64 link but it doesnt really matter either way since I can get the other one if I have the normal steam Id
  7. Raelity_Vlad

    Give away

    Forgot to announce, winners will be announced in two weeks exactly, November 26th. @WoldefiDon't forget to like the post or you won't be counted. give away related comments only please
  8. Raelity_Vlad

    Give away

    Hello enw today I am doing a giveaway to make people happy and I have too much money I will be giving away 12 VIP credits spread to 4 different people so 4 people will get 3 VIP credits To enter the giveaway you must: Comment ''Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy'' Comment your steam ID Like the post I'll see you guys on the finish line have a great time -Raelity
  9. Raelity_Vlad

    albanian's birthday

    If we're not allowed to reply to the topics then why are they even open
  10. Raelity_Vlad

    albanian's birthday

    I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday whats wrong with that
  11. Happy birth day 

  12. Raelity_Vlad

    albanian's birthday

    happy birth day