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  1. OutdatedMeme


    Imagine Jamie changing Bagout's post
  2. OutdatedMeme

    SL changes

    F for my guy Yoblanca Official Congratulations to Misty And great see ENW making great moves with Bagout becoming SL, Congrats
  3. OutdatedMeme


    How can we wait that long if ENW shuts down before then
  4. noticed that myself little guy. Rather tragic though.
  5. i've resigned. don't message me about freekilling on JB. grow up and go outside. p.s Grievous shouldn't get his mute "redacted". CKC seems fun. #SnifflerDidNothingWrong. Josh #FixBHOP Special shoutout to: Blade Isla Beaver (kinda) Ruizu Shoutout to these kids: Joran Zeroh
  6. I've seen him. He was on a boat the last time i saw him
  7. probably too* illiterate
  8. Israel is GMT +3, how could you miss it by 39 hours??
  9. So many maps are under played and when they are played no one knows how to play them or where the good games are, it's always the same games over and over
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