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  1. OutdatedMeme

    SL changes

    F for my guy Yoblanca Official Congratulations to Misty And great see ENW making great moves with Bagout becoming SL, Congrats
  2. i've resigned. don't message me about freekilling on JB. grow up and go outside. p.s Grievous shouldn't get his mute "redacted". CKC seems fun. #SnifflerDidNothingWrong. Josh #FixBHOP Special shoutout to: Blade Isla Beaver (kinda) Ruizu Shoutout to these kids: Joran Zeroh
  3. Israel is GMT +3, how could you miss it by 39 hours??
  4. So many maps are under played and when they are played no one knows how to play them or where the good games are, it's always the same games over and over
  5. Jb_carceris_hill - Not played enough because not very many minigames and too much fog Jb_blank_b4 - Too big of a map, armoury gives random guns making it difficult for Cts to have successful days and it's too bright Jb_new_chernobyl - Not very many games ba_ace_jail_v3g - After cell doors open there are many days which ruin the fun, dragon spawns negevs or air accel makes you work backwards when pressing W, air accel overall is bad and there are not very many games Jb_lost_planet_fix Can't pick up guns in the armour, too big and easy to rebel Jb_atomic_jail_beta4_fix2 - small cell area easy to rebel, very boring not very many games (3 games) jb_battleforce_jail_csgo - cell area is strange and difficult to work around making it easy to rebel, not very popular and not very many games (4-5 games) ba_dreamjail_watchtower_v2-1 - spacious cell area but difficult way of leaving without rebelling and not very many non killwhore games ba_dubai - has had a huge error box for a while and doesn't have many games jb_avalanche_csgo_b6 - Has both large cell area and outside area with not very many small games Jb_kanker_v3 - has a terrible secret which lets the user go invisible but secret does not go away if they are killed other than that majority of games are killwhore it's a good map jb_name_not_set - half of the games are in the bigger building making it difficult to handle the Ts through the corridors jb_jb_ob_airship_csgo_b4 - almost all games are killwhore (roulette, deathrun, slide, cannons, breakfloor) not very many games jb_paper_alive_ultime_se - no one enjoys it jb_putin_v2 - not played very often but everyone hates it ba_jail_reloaded - not played very often
  6. That's all apart of the fun
  7. OutdatedMeme


    Ghost boxing battle??
  8. Top 10 Anime Plot Twists
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