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  1. OutdatedMeme

    Skins Stolen

    his code name is "ingram", anagram of margin
  2. "I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastard and broken things" -Tyrion Lannister 297AC, Westeros
  3. Yea you're right, that is utter shambles, £16.99 for season 8 alone. Well i just checked and it says Now TV is £7.99 a month so...
  4. Well that's what it says at least. It's been nearly a year since it ended so i guess the price has gone down.
  5. Well i have been watching it on Now TV (SKY) i don't know if you have to pay because it's not my account but that's a way. You can also pay for the full thing on YouTube for £1.99.
  6. you two need to start watching that right now. It's the best series about
  7. OutdatedMeme


    Since the UK has officially gone in to lockdown, how are you spending your 3 or so weeks? What will you be doing to pass the time? Personally i will be re watching Game of Thrones.
  8. OMG!! did you ever think you'd see the day
  9. Because you aren't old enough to get in to pubs
  10. If you wanna go for architecture go to Russia or Greece If you wanna go for history go to Germany, France, UK, Russia or Belfast If you wanna go for culture go to Dublin If you wanna go for a getaway go to Spain or Portugal If you wanna go for cheap alcohol go to Estonia or Belarus
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