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  1. Sodahyper


    Hello dear ENW. After being part of extreme-network for awhile now, i would like to arrange a small tournament for all VIPS and above for a chance to win a 50 Euro steam gift card, but im out of ideas regarding "what kind of a tournament it should be" we need something good, that everyone have played before, its mainly focused on csgo, but any other game can be arranged aswell as long as all of the people got that game. If yall are interrested in being part of that tournament, please contact me over discord so i can make a full list of who is in. If you got any ideas of what kind of tournament it should be let me know please 🙂 remember its not a team tournament.
  2. Added a few new items for the store. Added 23 Hat models for normal players. Added 5 Hat models for VIP. Added 3 Full cosmetic body layer for Donators. Most of the Hats are prices to 4000credits. If you wonder what the Hats looks like just PM on discord and ill make sure to send you the full hat picture, since its to big.
  3. Hotfix N Changes. Store menu is changed and will look like this. 1. Charactor models. - All playermodels vip in there own section 2. Custom Models. - Weapons, Knives, Grenades. 3. Courier. - Pets 4. Cosmetic Items. - Hats, Backpacks, Masks, Wings. 5. Sprays. - Sprays. 6. Particles. - All particles. 7. Guns Upgrade - Hitmarkers, Tracers, Grenade trails, Grenade skins. Exclusive models aka Holiday models are removed due holidays are over. Added Octodaddy and Reiner as VIP models for Counter-Terrorist Side.
  4. VIP Models added. CT models Future Batman. Black version of "Tron" Black version of Trooper "Shadow Trooper" although he is using same arms as Tron that is temp till arms is fixed. T Models Joker. More T models to come and will be added in the same post here. Any suggestions of prisoner models please contact me on discord, ill take serious suggestions. Models have to have realistic hitboxes, bad example "big cartoonish models, Big heads, Big bodies, etc.
  5. We been having issues with the command !credits for a long time, with a new patch of store and the latest update of it we can finally use the command again. To check how much credits you got in the in game chat type !credits Notice, others will see the amount of credits you have as well. If you do not wish to show others your credits simply type !store and it will show your credits in there and only you can see it.
  6. couldnt have said it better.
  7. Jailbreak server update. Added 2 none models for purchase with credits for all players on the server, although they cost abit. Spy from team fortress 2 Halo red version ------- Recreated a small plugin from 1.6 to csgo the following plugin can only be used by an admin. The admin will execute a command then turn a player into the "Frog Pepe" and the sound "i am an idiot" will only play to the person it got executed on. It will only be used in special cases such as in "Trivia" the winner can pick the "Pepe" among the losers. When becoming the Pepe you can only knife during the round, you cannot pick up guns, you will turn into a Pepe Model during the round with a glowing effect. We will test this for the next week and see how it goes if its either fun, entertaining or its rather useless during the gameplay. Nothing will be kept unless the community wants it!
  8. NEW VIP MODELS. Joker [VIP] For terrorist. Tron [VIP] For Counter. Wildcat [VIP] terrorist. Shadow Trooper [VIP] Counter. Batman [VIP] Counter Will be removing the prisoner models for now since lots of people are experiencing error problems. There will be prisoner models added later on when im done porting them to csgo. If you are experiencing errors on the server, please do the following. Open csgo folder, look for the model and delete it from there and materials aswell, if you have a hard time locating the model, delete the whole model/material folder and rejoin the game and server to see if its fixed, if the problem keeps happening, contact me TravisDHC on discord.
  9. NEW VIP MODELS. Joker [VIP] For terrorist. Tron [VIP] For Counter. Sauron [VIP] For Counter. John Cena [VIP] For Terrorist. Wildcat [VIP] For terrorist. Edit. the wildcat back text will be changed during time to ENW.
  10. Iv got a whole Zombie escape mod stored in my files that is ready to go, yet it requires lots of players to start it up.
  11. Alright guys, we have now added "Twitch Emotes" on jailbreak server. Theres currently "" Emotes thats listet in this plugin. You simply open chat in the game, and type the following below to make it work and it will appear on top of your head. Remember you have to type it with big letters. /1_HP /200_IQ_PLAY /A+ /ACE /ALARM /ANGEL /AWWW /BABY_SEAL /BAD_APPLE /BAITED /BANANAS /BOOMBOX /BULLSEYE /BUSH /CELEBRATE /CHICKEN /CLAPPING /CRABBY /DANCE_PARTY /DYNAMITE /EMBARRASSED /ESC_HASH_1 /EXCLAMATION /FLAMING_RAGE /FLEX /GO /GOOD_GAME /HEARTBROKEN /HEART_HANDS /HOARDER /HOT_DAWG /IN_LOVE /KABOOM /LETS_ROCK /LIGHTS_CAMERA /LOL /MAJESTIC /MVP /ON_FIRE /PEACE /PLOTTING /POOL_PARTY /POSITIVITY /POTATO_AIM /POT_OF_GOLD /PRICKLY /RABID /RAGE /RAINBOW /RIP /ROCKET_RIDE /SALTY /STEALTHY /STINKY /STOP /TASTY /TATTERED /TEAMWORK /THIEF /THUMBS_DOWN /THUMBS_UP /TRAP /VICTORY_ROYALE /WOW /ZZZ ----- We added a 10sec delay inbetween the emotes you activate so it wont be spammed. Have fun!
  12. Not sure your intention with that question is, but i do not.
  13. As many of you question who i am, i might aswell make a small introduction of who i am, what i do, and what my position will be in this community. Ingame name: Travis:DHC: Steampage: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020728352/ Location: Denmark, used to liv in the U.S Age: im of age. Work: Game developer. My relationship with the owners, got to know them when they got owner ship of this community, got a hold of them and asked if they need any help related to servers, plugins and such, began helping out with small stuff here and there and asked for a dev position days ago after a long discussion between all owners and me i got the position. The stuff im going to be working on in this community like galaxy is to fix anything related to server and such. i been making plugins, porting models from css to csgo, and i used to work with nipper back in the days when he first started making maps in 1.6 for a small amount of time. Hopefully in good time when i get settled in i be on the look for any small bug report and such and fix them as soon as posible with the rest of the staff. Theres not much to tell, if you got any question, contact me in the forums or on discord, since i wanna keep my friendlist as limited as posible. ty!
  14. Sodahyper

    New Bhop Server!

    Im not saying you are wrong, but why all the complaining about the download? how about you suggest the maps that are suitable for the server instead of complaing about to many maps instead? Example> https://gamebanana.com/maps/198904 those are 50 great maps most of them are ported from css. PS> took me 20sec to find this. Suggestion for owners, Make a list of the maps that people favor and keep em on the server, rest of the maps trash them away since lots of the surf combat maps are bugged.
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