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  1. Hey all, Just quickly announcing that our new Admin Leader, decided on by the staff team, is @hansENW. Congratulations to him, and a big thank you to everyone that got involved! Also, I was wondering what sort of schedule would best suit everyone for the 5v5 tournament? I said August but perhaps better times would suit everyone? I am unavailable between 10th-24th of that month, but I am sure we can organise a stand-in or two if that best suits everyone. Please only vote if you're actually going to attend. Also, if you know of any streamers / actually competent community event casters, feel free to get them in touch with me. We won't be going overly serious with the whole tournament, but it might be a bit of fun to have some kind of show. If you haven't already, assemble a team and fill out the format in our Discord channel #5v5signup. We presently have 50 people attending, which will make it by far the largest thing we've ever put on. Feel free to leave your thoughts and the like below! Thanks all, Medez
  2. mEDeZ

    Had to do it!

    I've met you many times and you still make me want to die
  3. mEDeZ

    New Admin Leaders

    Hey all, After a recent vote on the Admin Leaders, the team has decided that @Zeroh and @Pride will fill the positions. Congratulations to them! As always, Extreme Network is looking for players to join our community staff team! Thanks, Medez and Joram
  4. mEDeZ


    You've been a great friend to me for years and I've known you for almost a decade now. It's pretty strange to think about how a fucking online gaming community genuinely can change people's lives, but you really have created something special mate. No matter what the future holds for ENW, I'm genuinely proud of all we achieved here together. Can't wait to see your place this summer 😘
  5. mEDeZ

    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

    Without a doubt one of the most dedicated members of staff we've ever had. Thanks for everything you little minx
  6. mEDeZ


    Hi all, As you might have noticed, the forums have been down for a while. This was largely to do with a problem concerning support, but also it allowed @Joram time to work on improving the site and creating the landing page. A breach in security sparked this downtime, but we have remedied the situation along with our site and database hosts. Concerning your data, I can assure you that there is no cause for concern. I will be looking at running a community event in June. If you have any ideas as to what you would like it to be, please message me here on the forums or through discord. Something tells me we're going to be doing another 5v5 tournament, though. Thanks for your patience during this time and for your continued support. Thanks, Schwarz, Medez and Joram
  7. mEDeZ


    Congratulations! Just to add some clarity to Schwarz's post, the Developer position will not be one in the Leadership Team. It will, however, give those like Galaxy the access they need to the back ends of the servers.
  8. mEDeZ

    [Video] Why KZ is the best ENW server

    I went deaf in the first 10 seconds of that video
  9. mEDeZ

    Tribute to Sunny D

    He has really bad alopecia so he's too self-conscious to come out
  10. mEDeZ

    Tribute to Sunny D

    Those were the days
  11. mEDeZ

    Tribute to Sunny D

    @Netflix @Sunny D
  12. mEDeZ

    5v5 tourny 5v5 tournament

    At this time we do not know when the 5v5 tournament will be happening, but right now it is being put on a temporary pause. Your teams will be saved and the channel kept, but right now it's not possible. We will keep you posted on progress concerning this and other events. Thanks, The Leadership Team
  13. mEDeZ

    ENW Evolving A change for ENW

  14. mEDeZ


    Our previous Admin Leader Riri has been demoted. She has done a lot for the community and for that we are grateful. ENW grows more and more with each passing month, and as such we are always looking for new staff members to join our team. Thanks, Schwarz, Medez & Joram
  15. mEDeZ

    Dox yourself challenge

    Name: HarryBest Address: Kent, Kent Phone Number: 01233632552 Mum's name: Something beginning with S Dog's name: Cunt Last Name: idk because I've never met my dad