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  1. -Zoku-

    Give away

    'As @Ruizusaid its the Steam64 link but it doesnt really matter either way since I can get the other one if I have the normal steam Id ' 🙂
  2. -Zoku-

    Give away

    need your steamid not communityid
  3. -Zoku-

    Give away

    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy STEAM_1:1:212431842
  4. -Zoku-


    congrats ole! <3
  5. -Zoku-

    Shit ENW Says

    Kenolt : I was a virgin cuz up until a year and a half ago I was a fat fuck
  6. -Zoku-

    The future of ENW

    Perhaps people should spread awareness of this because i was completely clueless until Galaxy mentioned it and i am a very active player. It isn't just kz players who dont really use the forums but i imagine alot of the well known active players who's opinions are vital as they play the server so much don't use the forums at all... Like this i only came back to reading the forums yesterday so it says alot ^^
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