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    u are on dum my man
    u truly are off the goop on this one chief

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  1. iron

    Goodbye Ruizu

    i dont think you understood where’s woldefis global server ban for posting about a players death
  2. iron

    Josh's Resignation

    LLJ 🕊️🌎✨
  3. iron

    Google Home Mini (Chalk) Code

  4. iron

    Google Home Mini (Chalk) Code

    the winner of the giveaway is @Zeroh 😐 https://gyazo.com/7308d72c812dac0698e032d9d2bf6f74
  5. iron

    Google Home Mini (Chalk) Code

    boosts my ego
  6. if you want a google home mini code react to this post and comment "bruh" ill pick 1 winner out of the people who commented and reacted to the post on wednesday good luck *code is valid for UK only *code expires sometime in may idek *pm me if u have an issue w the code
  7. iron

    irons birthday

  8. iron

    Big JB Maps Thread

    delete new chernobyl and add old if it still exists somewhere
  9. iron


    yobert returns
  10. iron

    VIP Credits Giveaway

    winners of the giveaway are @Yoblana and @jord pm me on discord with ur steam64 ID and ill send 2 creds over to both of u disc: archie#0750 https://gyazo.com/11ab1c51ed30368ee4715e78948e1b8f *gyazo link is the gif of RNG
  11. iron

    VIP Credits Giveaway

    giving away 4 vip credits from the KTAN prize because i dont play enw much besides use discord to win: react to post 2 winners i will pick them using googles rng on monday and ill record it too so i dont get banned again for "fake" giveaways 😠
  12. iron

    KTAN is back

    undeniably the best player on enw now
  13. iron

    fyas birthday

    happy birthday fya everyone wish him a happy birthday ❤️
  14. iron

    Why i hate Wednesdays

    double spanish so i hate it