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  1. Thanks for taking the time to click and read what ive written Gameme is broken and therefore i dont see why it should be required to have 7d playtime if the time played isnt recorded correctly for example, gameme shows that yesterday, the 12/5 I wasnt on the server WHATSOEVER, when i played atleast 2/3 hours alone yesterday and ran many maps that were over 20mins long. https://extreme-network.gameme.com/players/csgo10?type=total&amp;range=8 gameme also shows that all of us who play frequently have barely played in the past week when this is not the case and there are multiple people who play multiple hours per day, https://extreme-network.gameme.com/players/csgo10?type=total&amp;range=1 here is me and paul ON THE SERVER YESTERDAY, in which i didnt play and he played 17mins which is also bullshit https://gyazo.com/5005c5aa6a13f911bd63cc7efbaac406 here is me on another map yesterday with artikz in the chat, who gameme also shows as not playing yesterday https://gyazo.com/dd1547e120d1d6f623ab6c484c97c766 timestamps on the screenshots https://gyazo.com/e0e035d491ec0fabd293b18599b2aa42 https://gyazo.com/b379081c39f6d882b90f2647738f20a0 also showcasingthe many other screenshots throughout the day, which i can provide if needed I would like to ask whoever is in charge reconsider the '7days playtime' needed for staff requirement due to gameme tracking time incorrectly to see this is incorrect, compare the time played by EVERYONE in the past 2 weeks https://extreme-network.gameme.com/players/csgo10?type=total&amp;range=2 to the time we played on certain days outside this timeframe, im unsure how long it has been broken https://extreme-network.gameme.com/players/csgo10?type=total&amp;range=28 https://extreme-network.gameme.com/players/csgo10?type=total&amp;range=29 we can also see that this page literally shows me last online 13/5 https://gyazo.com/edb5a212b29447abaac7b3dd46deb710 yet 13/5 shows that i was online for 0 MINUTES, showing that it isnt tracking my time) https://extreme-network.gameme.com/players/csgo10?type=total&amp;range=7 (screenshot as im playing soon = https://gyazo.com/caf1a40c8446f2714ae2d0d804fed147) also on 27/4 it says i played 8 mins https://gyazo.com/a77f4480f656292cd39b5fca88c23637 https://extreme-network.gameme.com/players/csgo10?type=total&amp;range=23 yet I can see from my screenshots I had over 8 minutes in single run https://gyazo.com/e311f1078dbab180433fdae412cbe147 more playing throughout that day https://gyazo.com/3decd3143eb1b5b510e88a2ee2a72c69 https://gyazo.com/a5a342cae5ce46b594a6302518f1ed64 https://gyazo.com/39e1817dad9e0b4e7c8dc7da9d96f40b https://gyazo.com/88b625d7349accde204d9f80c8bf74e0 this is enough proof for now but I can do this about literally 80% of the days tracked if needed as I screenshot random jumpstats all the time. if you need more evidence ill be happen to continue, but I need to go make food so im finished for now thanks for reading and pls take consideration into the rule <3333333
  2. I used to like dankhus but then he bullied my farm and denied my tmod
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