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  1. -Yu

    Shit ENW Says

    "I like to touch kids" - Joran
  2. -Yu

    irons birthday

    Happy birthday iron x
  3. -Yu

    2 credit VIP competition

    @PizzaFromWalmart Has won, thank you to anyone who participated! ❤️ And a big thank you to @Zeroh and @Blade My two favorite admin leaders for helping ❤️
  4. -Yu

    2 credit VIP competition

    On to the next round ❤️
  5. -Yu

    2 credit VIP competition

    Hosting a little Puzzle competition for 2 credits, there are 3 stages of the puzzle, good luck contestants 3,15,14,22,5,18,19,1,20,9,14,19--23,9,20,8--2,12,1,4,4--1,18,5--7,18,5,1,20
  6. -Yu

    VIP Giveaway

    Blade is the best admin leader, also my waifu Blade>zeroh 76561198805847033
  7. -Yu

    Building a PC

    Thankyou ❤️
  8. -Yu

    Building a PC

    1. I was looking at Intel and also heard that they are more reliable, Was looking at getting an I5 2. Mostly will play csgo but might branch out into different fps games, the only reason I only play csgo right now is that the computer I play on is quite old so it wouldn't be able to handle many other games 3. I would like to get into streaming once I find a game that I enjoy such as csgo 4. My dad and I are building it together as he has built a computer before so he knows what he is doing, I have also already got the case that I am going to be using
  9. -Yu

    Building a PC

    I'm trying to build a pc for around July, is anyone knowledgeable in that area? Budget is around 500-1000
  10. -Yu

    Big JB Maps Thread

    shame most people are shit on ct
  11. -Yu

    Big JB Maps Thread

    Jb_watchtower (not 100% sure on the name) Reason- underplayed, Bad map jb Black ops Reason- underplayed, Bad map
  12. -Yu

    VIP Giveaway

    76561198805847033 zeroh is the best admin leader
  13. -Yu

    Lionking Resignation

    Bye Bye Lion : (
  14. -Yu

    NEWS Vip JoinSounds

    IGN-Yu Steam ID- 76561198805847033 Song: Timestamp - 1.32-1.42 (before it says naughty word)