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  1. Jamie


    This topic is dead and pointless so it’s being closed
  2. Jamie


    I’m unaware of changing anyone’s post
  3. Jamie

    JB maps

    For some reason Mikey can't post in here so i'm gonna do this post. ANYWAY... with the development of the new zones plugin myself and Mikey will need to set up all working zones for games and such in each map and it is pointless doing so on maps which aren't played on so down below please voice your opinions on which maps you want to see removed/any new maps we can look in to adding for you guys 🙂
  4. Jamie

    Bhop Combat

    My apologies if i'm disrupting any of you through your valuable school hours but this is long overdue (don't worry Jailbreak players i'm multi-tasking) I would like to know what your guy's thoughts on a few things are so voice your opinions below: Would you like custom player models? If i were to add these i'll make sure they aren't retarded models with fucked hit boxes Would you like either A. a weapon list so you don't have to buy weapons every round (your weapons are set though can be changed through doing something like /guns) or B. Just the normal method of obtaining weapons What kind of maps would you like? Through the community news vote i saw that you would like to see custom maps as well as normal competitive maps but what maps would you like specifically? Maps like awp_lego? Would you guys be interested in a little competition? Something along you lines of first player to reach 100k points for example gets a little cash prize And finally, what weapons would you like to see banned/added, from speaking to a few players i heard the shotguns are a possibility or do you think that would be cancerous? Thank you for taking your time to vote and i will be taking on board all your feedback and adding plugins/maps/models to suit your expectations/wants 🙂
  5. Jamie

    New Server Leader

    For a while now Zeroh has been looking for a replacement Server Leader for Jailbreak due to a lack of interest and after an application process we have finally found a suitable candidate who we feel will hopefully bring the spark back to the server. What my friend here will be doing is trying to add new maps to jailbreak, add new skins, add new mini games and plugins to try and make all of my beautiful OG players interested in the Game mode once again. So without Further adieu I would like you all to give a whole hearted welcome to @Mikey And finally, I would like to say a big thank you to Zeroh for all his hard work and service he has put into Jailbreak over the years ❤️
  6. Jamie

    Making JB great again

    After a LOT of community feedback it is evident that Jailbreak is a top priority and should be fixed rq rq and so with the help of my amazing developers we're adding new skins into jb to spruce things up ;0 Here are some skins that we can look in to adding https://imgur.com/a/QqtvsDD Love you all ❤️
  7. Jamie

    Looking for a Dev!!!!

    The developer spot has been filled, thank you for all applications! Everyone welcome back @Norm
  8. Currently we are looking for a developer to help out with the server, if you are knowledgeable with using ftp/putty and porting skins then be sure to fill out the form below and send it through a private message on the forums 🙂: What is your age? How long have you been a developer for/how much experience do you have? Do you have proof of your achievements? What is your discord id? Do you have a microphone for communication with the leadership team?
  9. Jamie

    BHOP Combat!

    Server has been closed for maintenance it will be back later FULLY fixed
  10. Jamie


    Make sure to give reactions to posts you like!!!!!!!!!
  11. Jamie


    As most of you know there have recently been 2 ENW 5v5 tournaments, I feel that they went decently well but there needs to be a change. Down below I’d like you all to comment what kind of tournament you would like to see happen and the top comments with the most likes will be selected and put into a poll. Remember that some ideas might not be doable as of yet so stick to stuff that is fairly simple but you feel will be interesting :)
  12. Jamie


    prison architect,clouds,cavern
  13. Jamie


    rock paper scissors bracket tournament
  14. Jamie

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

  15. Jamie

    ENW Minecraft Server (sponsored by Filmora)

    1v1 me and find out