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  1. Jamie


    rock paper scissors bracket tournament
  2. Jamie

    bring back mg

    Bring back mg
  3. Jamie

    Best staff resignation

    one day
  4. Jamie

    Best staff resignation

    Oh thanks for the mention
  5. Jamie


  6. Jamie

    Entertain me

    1. 🔥 2. that's unlucky 3.try harder to be better 🙂 4. I guess that counts 5. Do trial owners count as staff? 😂
  7. Jamie

    Entertain me

    Basically, in between revision, I have run out of ideas to fill my 20-minute gaps so I thought, what's a better idea than to come onto my favorite place and revive it. All I wanna know is: What music do you listen to? What are you doing over your half term? How have you been doing? What's your favorite server on ENW? Who's your favorite staff member? And if you were wondering revision is shit and GCSEs are making me want to run off a cliff (in game obviously)
  8. Jamie

    Goodbye Ruizu

    Nice grammer
  9. Jamie

    Anyone know this guy?

    I did but I was mostly attention seeking
  10. Jamie

    Anyone know this guy?

    you're double the age of at least 80% of ENW's player base so it's not that impressive
  11. Jamie

    Anyone know this guy?

    nice dox
  12. Jamie

    Anyone know this guy?

    Know his face, can't remember from where though