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  1. Crowii


    ,ad8PPPP88b, ,d88PPPP8ba, d8P" "Y8b, ,d8P" "Y8b dP' "8a8" `Yd 8( " )8 I8 8I Yb, ,dP "8a, ,a8" "8a, ,a8" "Yba adP" `Y8a a8P' `88, ,88' "8b d8" "8b d8" `888' "
  2. Happy Birthday Crowii!

  3. Entire reason why Sonic trades is to make IRL cash.
  4. Time to go slash some fucker's tires. Get well soon, Conny. xoxoxoxoxoxo
  5. @China He literally just gave the guy the gun, then wanted payment. Clearly he wasn't thinking straight.
  6. Tried to sell his m4a4 asiimov, stupidly gave him the asiimov first, never received payment. Lesson of the day; do not trust Russians
  7. AK Red lam, M4 Blue water Stat track (w/e it's called, the blue shit looking one) Awp Electic Hive Stat track M4 Asiimov AK reline HR sticker foil, M4 Cyrex and a Glock Steel distribution Stat trak. all on multiple bets, ofc.
  8. Wew. My friend just won two asiimovs and an M4A4 Xray Stat track today, the sneaky bastard. (CS:GO lounge)
  9. Can't join. -.- Or like, 9,000 other servers for some reason. Click join. Instantly get 2 millaseconds of ''Initializing'' or what ever. Go to the 5 second countdown screen before you'd normally join. Can't click continue, even if I hit enter, I get kicked to home page. I can't find a fix, and reinstalling doesn't work. What the crow should I do?
  10. Crowii

    Happy birthday zorex

    Zorex doesn't have a birthday. Does he?
  11. Watch BlazingSkrubs on YouTube, he does the exact same style you do.
  12. Any chance at all we could find an updated version of the gun selection script? I've seen a few people mentioning that you can't select the M4A1-S, only M4A4. (Confirmed, I just got an M4A1-S skin and really wanted to use it) Also, when playing as T you cannot get a USP-S as a pistol, it will select a P250. Is there a version which fixes this?- Or a plugin that enables a buy menu at the start of every game so people can buy the guns they have selected in their loadouts? <3
  13. 1) Which country do you currently reside in? England. 2) Which social platforms do you use regularly (e.g. Skype, Facebook, Steam or Tumblr)? Facebook, Steam. 3) Do you use predefined emoticons (as in, selected from a menu)? Not very often. 4) What are the top 5 emoticons you use (in order of usage)? (please don't give me anymore than 5, fewer is fine) (please provide me with the 'text' form of the smiley, such as : ) for ) <3, , :'). , D: 5) What do each of those 5 emoticons mean? (feel free to say as much or as little as you want) A heart, showing my love and affection. A very happy face, for when I am very happy. A jokingly happy face, for jokes that are not supposed to be offensive. A happy face, for happy times. A shocked upset face, for upsetting times. 6) Do any of these emoticons more strongly convey a feeling than the others? (feel free to describe why you might not like a certain smiley or what one is better than the others) Smiley one as the old school ":)" tops all over forms of smiley faces. (Yes, even the older :^) face)
  14. Good: I've booked a ticket to America to visit my girlfriend for 10 days, should be exciting and I can hardly wait! Bad: It's a month away. I've been doing pretty well, recently- my condolences for your losses, Se4n. :c
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