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  1. I've got lelli kelly shoes
  2. No but I swear his cat is called Gabe Itches ? or something
  3. Hes been signed on to Signal FC we will take good care of him don’t worry! Here we care for everyone
  4. Personally I don’t care abt it, it probably won’t affect me much. It’s not going to magically mutate into a killer virus or something. But Why are you posting this if you’re not worried.... Clearly you worry a little bit or you want to know why people are worrying..
  5. Bagout123

    ENW's Revival

    3rd times the charm! or is it 4th? or maybe 5,6,7th?
  6. Very cool owners, ty for unbanning at the start of the year. ❤️
  7. Undertale, Clouds and Arcade
  8. Giveaway done now, been 3 days. The number was 53 (yes i picked a predictable number). And the closest people were (in order): - PizzaFromWalmart and SONIC_EXE_TAILS_EXE (joint first) - Fya - Sniffler 12345671d picked 55 but that number was chosen already so his guess is invalid. If you won send me your steamid through discord or forums and I’ll send the credits through. @PizzaFromWalmart @SONIC_EXE_TAILS_EXE @Fya @Sniffler
  9. I pick number 1-100 closest 4 people get 5 credits. Whole numbers only. Giveaway ends in 3 days. 1 number only. No picking the same number.
  10. Bagout123


    😞 When I'm actually home for a JB KTAN but i'm banned 😞
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