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  1. Bagout123

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

    Giveaway done now, been 3 days. The number was 53 (yes i picked a predictable number). And the closest people were (in order): - PizzaFromWalmart and SONIC_EXE_TAILS_EXE (joint first) - Fya - Sniffler 12345671d picked 55 but that number was chosen already so his guess is invalid. If you won send me your steamid through discord or forums and I’ll send the credits through. @PizzaFromWalmart @SONIC_EXE_TAILS_EXE @Fya @Sniffler
  2. Bagout123

    bring back mg

    pay for hosting
  3. Bagout123

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

    I pick number 1-100 closest 4 people get 5 credits. Whole numbers only. Giveaway ends in 3 days. 1 number only. No picking the same number.
  4. Bagout123


    😞 When I'm actually home for a JB KTAN but i'm banned 😞
  5. Bagout123

    My Resignation

    :( Nothing else to say. Love you no homo.
  6. Bagout123

    Give away

  7. Bagout123

    Give away

    Need your SteamId 64 not your steamid
  8. Bagout123

    Give away

    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy 76561198242504974
  9. Bagout123

    Rotating Server Poll

    Is HnS chasemod? or hide and seek. chasemod sounds fun.
  10. Bagout123

    The end of ENW

    Just shows how great the admins are at detecting cheaters 😉
  11. Bagout123

    Surf Combat V2.0

    if there isnt nospread people camp, and now i remember why i left combat surf, i love dropshot but the camping was too much for me