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  1. weeb enw had players, non-weeb enw did not simp 😬
  2. get the old bm back, idm you eventually improving it but laundering and contra was fun af
  3. HNS: Removed hns_kitty (too much camping) Decoys have been replaced with smokes Using +right or +left binds no longer slay you, they only block you Jumpstats has been changed to the old one (without bugged stats), this means that there has been a stat reset, my apologies to anyone who lost their PB's (I will look into transferring the database but for the moment it has been reset) Players each get a flash and a smoke, VIP's get an extra flash Hitsounds added back! default is COD for non-vips, vips get a choice (pm if you want any hitsounds added to the list that aren't there already) Knifing is now enabled on T (for that one window on jukecity and to taunt your enemies with, no you can't do damage to CT's) Stabbing a T now does 50 damage rather than 65 in the front and 55 in the back HNS is non-prime now Adding hns_riverside tomorrow!
  4. Bagout123

    Vip JoinSounds

    0:14 (linked in timestap)
  5. @Nxos gogogo in before 5 minecraft maps are submitted because they're easier to make
  6. HNS You can no longer STAT on CT (bye bye funjumpers). If the Terrorists win 3 rounds in a row the teams will now be scrambled (to try and make them fairer) Impulse Slash bug has been fixed (you may only use it while facing upwards) and whoever exploited it has had all their stats reset I have also been informed people are using !afk to avoid losing points and then rejoining their respective team, so !afk is now only useable within the first 10 seconds of the round.
  7. HNS Added the HnS Market: You can buy a multitude of items in order to help yourself win the round. You can gain credits by either: -Being a T and surviving for blocks of 30 seconds -Being a CT and stabbing a T There is a drugs market, which you will see is almost identical to the BlackMarket plugin that was made for jailbreak around 3-4 years ago (I've directly robbed the effects from BlackMarket so come on for a bit of nostalgia) However be careful as to where you place your teleporting decoys as you may get stuck and then your life is forfeit to the next CT! (ie dont place it next to a block or part of you will spawn in the block) Feel free to suggest stuff you think should be added to the shop 🙂 Added a zones plugin to stop people from using HnS Market items to get to unreachable spots Credits reset every map so make sure they're all used up by the end of one!
  8. Bagout123

    HnS - Rules

    Added 13. No Random-Stabbing (and a few rule changes for clarity since this was originally posted) A lot of players were asking for this rule change and it will benefit hns.
  9. HnS : - Added a better Anti-Cheat (bye scripters) - Fixed an issue with ban evading - Fixed CowAC not banning through sourcebans - Added the option of Custom Hitsounds for VIP’s only (non-vips get the default one) - Will be trialing out gstrafe in the next few days to see how people like it / dislike it -Removed hns_penumbra temporarily as it was lagging the server badly SEND me .mp3 or .wav files you’d like to see added for the Custom Hitmarkers (discord or pm on forums [VIP] ) here is a good website to find hitsounds: https://gamebanana.com/sounds/cats/381
  10. HNS Changed mapnames from <map> to <map_enw> (if you have slow download speed, you can rename that map in your folder, I mostly did this so players could play both ENW and other servers without deleting different maps every time) Maps added: hns_flowtown_enw hns_backlot_enw hns_penumbra_enw Feel free to send me DM's to me if you want to see certain maps added/ updated
  11. Now that's a lot of features..... I'm really impressed given the small amount of time @Jamie and ENW have had to do this. can he be redeemed now?
  12. Bagout123

    ENW's Revival

    3rd times the charm! or is it 4th? or maybe 5,6,7th?
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