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  1. Wich country has the best music? Netherlands ofcourse. If you say some different shit ill smack yo bubble gum head
  2. haha @Mr Beaver Nice one lmao Congrats @Yoblana
  3. Old days with the old people bullying ''bamsemoms''
  4. You will have the most liked content for sure, and rip x
  5. OldKrytosAccount2


    Well ENW players, it was a nice journey with you all ( except some ppl : @Ragnarok @Etherexl @Harry ) ❤️ Still love you @Joram @schwarz @mEDeZ
  6. Fuck @Zeroh Fuck @Krokanteknul Fuck @Etherexl ❤️ Fuck @Mikey Fuck @Instinct homo HOMOOOOO'SS Still love you all bb
  7. Fuck all people who banned me ( Na instinct ly2 ) big F E G O T S @mEDeZ Still love you ❤️ @Joram Still love you ❤️ @schwarz Still love you ❤️
  8. Fight me dickhead 😡🖕 ill smack yo bubble gum looking ass head
  9. Do we all still love our servers y e a s ?
  10. Surf combat and Retake #2 are the most active ones. so id say just choose the servers with the most people on it.
  11. That sucks man, hope ill see you around some time! have a great one bud ❤️
  12. OldKrytosAccount2


    Welcome back to both of you! 😘
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