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  1. Happy Birthday China_Fury!

  2. I slept with Schwarz sister, and he can't obviously get over it... He's the boss, so you know... Nah kidding, Well, you know, I use to play to CS:GO like 4 hours a day since like many months and I think I get a little bored of it. So I played other games and became less and less active on the server. Anyway, I was VERY ACTIVE in GG server at one point and I think I managed to make it a little more popular at one moment, but GunGame is not that popular in general, so I wasn't very useful for the community anyway. I think I perma-ban only two people, obvious aimbots, that's all, in 8 months, my productivity reports wasn't good enough. I received a fax from Schwarz and I get demoted in a blink. Nevermind : I got social healthcare and unemployment benefits since ENW fired me, so I can continue to live in a decent way and fill up my fridge. Things could get worse.
  3. Hello Zpook, welcome to the team of the ex-admins. You'll see, it's okay. Grab a beer. I can't even sign with my ultimate GameMe signature since GunGame server was shutted down. nvm, I grab another beer, just see me rollin'
  4. China_Fury


    Be careful : you could be fire in a wink if you screw up...
  5. China_Fury


    I will comment from time to time when I'll pass by here
  6. China_Fury


    Hello fawkes, Yea, i'm becoming lately very inactive in ENW community. I work a lot (you'll see when you'll work for real ^^) and I'm playing other games, so I couldn't be more active in these times... And don't think it will change in weeks / months / years coming, CS:GO bores me a little and my work just chew me for good these days. But I was happy to be part of all of this ^^ And who knows, if CS:GO strikes me again one day, I'll re-apply for sure. See you in-game, CS:GO or another one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vodd6C5ryUU
  7. China_Fury

    Gamer Survey

    Ok, for me : 1. Super Mario World 2. Wally (Monkey Island) 3. FPS 4. PC 5. DeathTrap 6. Half Life 3 7. Pong (1v1 me) 8. Duke Nukem 3D 9. Commodore 64 10. I prefer to not know What about you guyz ? ^^^
  8. Happey Barthdai m9, 've fun 'n stuff.
  9. I speak MLG. OLOLxXxYOLOSw4GxXx means "hello" for instance... MOMG3TH3CAM3R means "parents", etc.
  10. China_Fury


    Hello ! Ok for moving servers Good thing. Where they are ? Cheers
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