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  1. Vertigo

    fyas birthday

    Applying for mod underage tut tut
  2. Vertigo

    VIP Giveaway

  3. Vertigo

    Lionking Resignation

    What a G Leon is
  4. Vertigo

    free VIP Surf Combat KTAN!

    Gutted I’m away
  5. Vertigo

    My Resignation

    Been a good ride big man 👏🏻
  6. Vertigo


    Gz big man
  7. Vertigo

    KTAN is back

    Free vip why not.
  8. Vertigo

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

  9. Vertigo

    Promotions (AL & SL)

    Gz boys
  10. Vertigo

    Resigning from JBSL

    JB is saved
  11. Vertigo


    Gz m8
  12. Vertigo

    Returning as Owner

    As long as you're not the worst man on earth stalin its all gucci
  13. Vertigo

    Returning as Owner

    Heres the next dictator, best staying on the good side of you
  14. Vertigo

    The new added jb plugin was great.

    I didnt like the plugin tbh with the right click for markers and stuff, however as he said the games was great.
  15. Vertigo

    The new added jb plugin was great.

    I do agree the !games menu was great if you're talking about zeus day etc