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  1. OLE

    Give away

    Zeroh trolling again? Thanks for the report ill speak to leadership Giveaway related only pls ty
  2. OLE

    Give away

    give away related comments only please
  3. OLE


    One step closer to total domination
  4. OLE

    Rotating Server Poll

    Knew I forgot one ^^ Added
  5. OLE

    New Server

    I agree that it would take a lot of effort, but I think that after a while the selection of servers could be narrowed down to those that people like the most, and the different settings and options for each would be saved and they'd have to just be pasted in for example (I understand it's not that simple but you know what I mean.) Definitely, it would be a big job as Galaxy said but over time it would become more refined, and with the joined effort of multiple people I think it could work well. Also if all fails and this idea does end up getting scrapped, then the most popular of these servers could be used to replace it.
  6. OLE

    Rotating Server Poll

    I fucked the last poll pretty badly, so I've remade it here. Please vote on up to four different game modes, voting on over four will result in your vote being discarded. Thanks.
  7. OLE

    New Server

    Yeah I'll be promoted to owner as soon as the payment goes through.
  8. OLE

    New Server

    Suggestion denied, locked.
  9. OLE

    New Server

    After speaking with the leadership team, we have decided that we will be adding a new server with rotating game modes. Hopefully this will keep the server 'fresh' and will eliminate the problem we have had in the past of having new servers that die out very quickly. There will be a selection of different game modes that will be rotated every so often (the timing between each rotation will be solidified after we see how well everything works.) For now there will only be four game modes on this rota, chosen by you. However depending on the success of this server more will likely be added. In the poll above please choose up to four different game modes. Note that if you vote for more than four then all of your votes will be discarded. Edit: Okay so I really fucked that poll up badly, remaking it in a separate post, sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. OLE

    NEWS Vip JoinSounds

    In Game Name: OLÉ Steam-ID (64bit): 76561198053786184 Song: https://youtu.be/LopA29YhBY0?t=31 Time Stamp: 31-41 (as linked)
  11. OLE

    Music is gay

    All I'm gonna say is your profile picture speaks for itself @Joey-Krytos rip x ❤️
  12. OLE

    Shit ENW Says

    AlexDaK1ng<3 "What's that word again where you start a game?" zeroh "attempt?" AlexDaK1ng<3 "All t's when i say go for the next time attempt surf no cheating"
  13. OLE


    Grats guys, not 100% sure why I haven't been promoted to owner yet but okay.
  14. OLE


    +1 been around for a while, knows rules, hasn't given out any sb passwords, definitely deserves admin.