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  1. three great maps if arq ever gets unbanned xD good choice undertale is once of the best maps out there spy vs spy , peanuts and obama
  2. Raelity

    I Have Returned

    😁 Thanks fancy Thanks for the reminder welcome 🙂 I feel welcomed 😊 Thanks bud, good to be back 😀
  3. Raelity

    I Have Returned

    thx babes❤️ Ok.....
  4. Raelity

    I Have Returned

    thank you olele thanks schwarz :3 thanks ruizu :3 LPS I never claimed to be latvian 😛 but thanks :3
  5. Raelity

    I Have Returned

    Hello enw, i am known as raelity, i have been away for about 4months now and i would just like to say that i will be returning to enw, of course i will not be as active as i used to be, by spending over 6hours on enw jb each day, but i will be online every now and again. That is all, thank you for your time :3
  6. Noooo Mr.Dank dont go, who will be a al now
  7. i got monies, a new mechanical keyboard and a new chair (but the real gift was all of my friends who came over, and all of the people who wished me a happy b-day)
  8. Thanks to any who wished my a happy b-day yesterday, i had a great time and a great birthday. especially to ruizu for being the first one
  9. Noooo Defused Fpnt Go ;-; I havent gotten to know you but I sure would have liked to. Best Of Wishes -Raelty
  10. huh? cause i am bored so i am strolling through enw
  11. gn2 but play like silver
  12. i joined jb about a year and a 5months ago, one of the worst/best dicisions so far love the way i can control people hate the occasional earrape
  13. shockie it was a prank broski, couldn't you tell by the xd's
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