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  1. DylanC15

    Big JB Maps Thread

    get good
  2. DylanC15

    Unban yob from mc

    +rep banned unfairly, no proof of duping
  3. DylanC15

    Dylan's ban appeal

    Your in-game name: bbyDylan Your Minecraft username: bbyDylan Which admin banned you?: Joran What is the ban length?: Perm Why were you banned?: Duplicating Why should you be unbanned?: I think i have served enough of my punishment and really would like a 2nd chance.
  4. DylanC15

    Guilty pleasures.

    how are you mod
  5. DylanC15

    KTAN is back

    easiest £2 of my life ngl
  6. DylanC15


  7. DylanC15

    Halloween give away!!/rotating server!!

    Remember global VIP doesnt include the discord server.
  8. DylanC15

    NEWS Vip JoinSounds

    In Game Name: dylan Steam-ID (64bit): STEAM_0:1:233662721 Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2hlQkVJZhE Time Stamp: 1:34 - 1:42
  9. DylanC15


    1'd by superior human
  10. DylanC15


    Stop worrying Aqua, you wouldn't get the joke anyway.
  11. DylanC15


    Zeroh gets AL then Pizza gets Admin...
  12. DylanC15

    Dox yourself challenge

    instagram - dylan.zx snapchat - dylancarberry11 big cohonas (not as big as Duck's)
  13. DylanC15


    I'll look forward to it.
  14. DylanC15


    Filling the "toxic ex-staff" roll well.
  15. DylanC15

    Any good Rap playlists

    That's my mates, don't know about kaspers