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  1. Lumi

    deja vu?

    does this mean I'd have a surf server to play on again?
  2. Lumi

    KTAN is back

    That's gonna be a long time for vip if it gets left like last time
  3. Lumi

    Vip JoinSounds

    Self explanatory
  4. Surf, Jb: Added vipchat sm_vc to access chat sm_vcsetting to chage name and chat colour have fun if you dont have vip u can get it here for as little as £2 a month https://extreme-network.net/vip/
  5. Surf Added - one shot awp, awp will kill even if you hit a person's leg I plan to revamp the map list if anyone wants any maps added send them me and I'll test them to see if they're viable I also plan to fix the turnblocker plugin and make the velocity for turns to be disabled slightly higher
  6. Surf: Fixed - Ws & Knife These have now been re-enabled on the server aswell as store. Changed - turnbinds from 700 vel to 1500 There has always been some discussion about turnbinds. within this change i have edited the plugin to allow turn binds until 1500 velocity (from 700). even though the community was built around from the no turn binds i believe there is a wider audience which would prefer this. This hasn't completely enabled tunbinds but has started to allow them to be crept into the gameplay a little more. If the community hates this ill change it back if it goes well i will slowly make the velocity higher until removing the plugin overall Changed default map to surf_10x_reloaded. I'm open to suggestions and would like to add some new maps to the rotation also. All servers: Fixed - Broken VipSongs get over the double post ❤️
  7. surf Added - SourceSleuth temp removed - knife, ws, store
  8. Lumi

    Lumi's resignation

    Few other reasons is down to my mental health and how the communities response to me doesn't help that at all, UCAS is getting in the way, alevels are also being a bitch so yeah anxiety currently getting the better of me recently and I just wanna take all bits off weight off my chest. I respect that ruizu didn't mention these as they may be seen as more personal but I think people should know where I've gone if I don't come back to the servers
  9. Lumi

    Give away

    'giveaway related comments only please'
  10. Lumi

    Give away

    That ain't it chief, We actually would prefer that since it's that number which is used on the VIP site. And its name is a steamid 64 not community id
  11. Wheres my Owner promotion with this? end of the month is too far 😮
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