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  1. I do actually hop in the servers once or twice during the weekends. But what does that have to do with it? I vote neutral because I dont know the person, thats the point. Other people base their opinions of the person that +1 them without actually knowing them. A true known member would get the necessary votes if everyone voted like we're supposed to. If you dont have anything usefull to add, just stay quiet please. And dont continue this here.
  2. Except that 1 person knows them, and then 7 others just vote "Oh that guy +1 you so a trial can't hurt"
  3. What a coincidence Dawn got HuniePop :thonk:
  4. This thread should have been closed 10 years ago. - Fitz
  5. FitZ_Mário

    NFS Payback

    Hey every1, I just pre ordered the new Need for Speed Payback and I wanted to know if anyone here also did or is thinking of getting it. Also, what are your thoughts on it? Do you think it's gonna be like the recent games they have made or are they going back to their roots?
  6. FitZ_Mário

    Ded bi daylite

    If I have time I would love to :3
  7. I'm pretty sure I only hit the button once, also, when I looked at it (right after I posted the message), it only showed 1 message so it wasnt my fault ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. such a like whore https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=118121808&token=YMa7l5ww
  9. @Starfall congratz, abuse it well @LionKing Now I can ban you for making fun of my country, nice @Austin FeelsBadMan
  10. Congratz :D we're doomed
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