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  1. the most annoying person ever to play enw
  2. people keep ignoring my questions, lets try again. what kind of car do you own, and give a short description. 🚙.... 🚓..🚓.. 🚓.. 🚓.. 🔼 recreation of the oj simpson car chase 🔼
  3. i don't care about football, so i don't have a favorite whats your favorite gay actor
  4. only a little bit what are your PC specs
  5. this what is your favorite car
  6. Topaz

    +rep definetley gay but still pro gamer so its ok

  7. no one likes vanilla, ahegao rules at least in hentai
  8. Alan


    Dojo Clouds and Kwejsi im bored of it always being Obama and Vip in the mix
  9. Alan


    nice setup what games do you use that wheel for? oh and as for my setup, i have a old lenovo y50/70 it has: a void warranty because of they said i must have opened it and untightened the hdd bracket as the screw that held it was stuck in the cooling fan at that time i only just bought it so i would never do that to it i know opening stuff voids its warranty, so why would i many many hours of soldering and fixes i have had to do since the warranty had been void a intel i7 4710HQ pretty much the only half decent thing about this piece of crap 16gb of ram but the clock speed is slower than your grannies driving a very broken GTX 860m 4gb of vram this thing bottlenecks the system so hard on aveage while the cpu is running at ~50% load the gpu is allready at 100~ i cant really use shadowplay in most games, however i managed to get it working only on source engine and also on some older games, nvidia physx bluescreens the computer if i run anything on vulcan it gets enormus slowdowns, it also has multiple issues related to broken drivers for example i can run opengl 4 but if i try using opengl 3 the whole system freezes i also had to disable the integrated graphics cause otherwise it the gpu never gets used vsync does not work, neither do the cuda cores if i want to use them for something like blender, when i render stuff the images get corrupted, its as if they are not all available, cause the cuda core count is missing some cores a fractured motherboard one of the speakers dont work and only one functioning usb port as a result of the broken mb and the case is also falling apart a broken cooling fan one of the screws that held the hdd in place came undone only a month after i bought it and it somehow ended up in the coling fan a samsung 850 evo ssd the old hybrid hdd that came with it was so bad, and you cant even find he correct drivers for the hybrid shit since its one of the first 2.5 hybrid hdd's, they needed some crappy drivers to get the ssd buffer working and they are no longer supported by by anyone or anything, especially win 10 my other things: a zowie ec2-b mouse im really happy with it, best mouse i have ever used plantronics RIG 500hd they are hands down the best headset i have ever tried light as a feather, 7.1 surround and really comfortable tl dr my laptop is a broken piece of shit and i regret buying it i have been having multiple problems allmost since day one and the warranty was void for no reason
  10. Alan

    Vip JoinSounds

    the anal penetrator 76561198078045108 4:56 (when the guitar solo starts) - for sirka 10 sec if possible
  11. welcome to enw, i hope you enjoy your stay xd
  12. Alan


    oohhh daddy, come harder, welcome back ❤️
  13. Alan


    goodbye schwarz, you made these servers what they are ❤️❤️❤️
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