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  1. WJTW

    The end of ENW

    will be miss I was best SL btw @Dankhus
  2. WJTW


    Thanks you for this opportunity guys 😄 Dank has set the bar pretty low so I should be good 😛 @Dankhus
  3. Have always wondered, atleast for kz, why the hours always seemed so off, much, much less than I had actually played that day for example. Brings into question whether denying a trial for not having 7 days playtime is fair in this instance, when the hours played are recorded so incorrectly.
  4. WJTW

    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

  5. WJTW


    GZ Guys :D
  6. WJTW

    My run has come to an end x

    ENW wouldn't be what it is without your input. Best of luck defused, much love <3
  7. WJTW

    My Mum.

    Really sad to hear... Head up bro. <3
  8. WJTW

    Shit ENW Says

    Supportive community @Zeroh @DeeJ , FeelsGoodMan
  9. WJTW

    Dox yourself challenge

    See, I'm always one step ahead @Riri
  10. WJTW


    Congrats agua :)
  11. WJTW

    The new added jb plugin was great.

    oh no
  12. WJTW

    Imfet Post Doggo Pictures Here

    cant tell if bait or one hell of a resignation post
  13. WJTW

    How to win on 1v1 servers ft. Zeroh

    Those strafes are so robotic hooooly