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  1. WJTW

    The end of ENW

    will be miss I was best SL btw @Dankhus
  2. WJTW


    Thanks you for this opportunity guys 😄 Dank has set the bar pretty low so I should be good 😛 @Dankhus
  3. Have always wondered, atleast for kz, why the hours always seemed so off, much, much less than I had actually played that day for example. Brings into question whether denying a trial for not having 7 days playtime is fair in this instance, when the hours played are recorded so incorrectly.
  4. ENW wouldn't be what it is without your input. Best of luck defused, much love <3
  5. WJTW

    My Mum.

    Really sad to hear... Head up bro. <3
  6. WJTW

    Shit ENW Says

    Supportive community @Zeroh @DeeJ , FeelsGoodMan
  7. See, I'm always one step ahead @Riri
  8. cant tell if bait or one hell of a resignation post
  9. Those strafes are so robotic hooooly
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