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  1. Fya


    Clouds, kweljsi, summer
  2. Fya

    Christianity Triumphs

    Does this mean Woldefi and his bitches and blade and yob are 4th due to this disqualification?
  3. Fya

    Big JB Maps Thread

    jb_lost_planet_fix you cant pick up any guns in armoury and its easy to rebel when no staff are on
  4. dust2 japan or dust paradise for the free jail kills 10x_reload and no abusing this time please
  5. +rep, best staff ENW has ever had, like this dude, honestly so amazing would smash

  6. Fya

    Give away

    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy 76561198358701435
  7. Fya

    Promotion 2

    grats big boy
  8. Fya

    Sniffler's Mod App

    +1 mature, active, never had any officers with him, do me proud my boy
  9. Fya

    albanian's birthday

    happy (birthday) in 15mins
  10. If you were a booger I would pick you get it cuz im 9 and 9 year olds pick their boogers XD
  11. Fya

    How did you join ENW

    I joined jailbreak and regretted it
  12. Fya


    Gratz Hackerman and Previous Admin Silly
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