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  1. Core

    KTAN is back

    jb_quake, jb_vipinthemix and peanut
  2. Core

    The end of ENW

  3. Core

    I Have Returned

    Welcome back Raelity 🙂
  4. Core

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Dylan you are gay
  5. Harry

    Welcome back :)))

  6. Core


    I feel like this is gonna be a bad idea bringing Jailbreak back!
  7. Core

    Trusted Members

    Like i've been in alot of community and they got member flag and application, i feel like we should have that and yes i agree with Synergy.
  8. Core

    Custom player models / player arms

    Yeah, that model would fit with CT and oh my gosh the player arms fits with it =)!
  9. Core

    Custom player models / player arms

    http://csgo.gamebanana.com/skins/139031I need this one!
  10. Sure thats fine with me totally, But he doesn't need to share that many things in like 2 days. But anyways i'll stop talking now.
  11. Recent topics, full of this guy posting topics.
  12. Stop spamming the forums, brah
  13. Core

    CSGO mouse lag..

    I have a default mouse called Fujitsu, nothing special about it...
  14. Core

    CSGO mouse lag..

    Where can i put that off, or locate that?
  15. Core

    CSGO mouse lag..

    Hey guys, this has been going on since last week my mouse keeps stuttering while im turning or moving. Its kinda annoying and i tried almost every method online like v-sync off, raw input 1, mouseacc off... Hope you guys might know how to solve this problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzXp6VGzZEo It looks like that on the video, but than worser.