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  1. PizzaFromWalmart

    Promotions (Mostly)

    Congratulations @zHyper and @Nacho
  2. PizzaFromWalmart

    Give away

    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy 76561198275920705 you can't win because you didn't like the post bro...
  3. Happy birth day 

  4. PizzaFromWalmart

    Travis resignation

    Goodbye travis gl in the future
  5. PizzaFromWalmart


    Congratulations OLE , I am sure you will be a great Admin leader. (still bad at bhop though)
  6. PizzaFromWalmart


  7. PizzaFromWalmart

    New Bhop Server!

    Yea because the other options were really good to pick weren’t they? ^^^^^ No you don’t if you had to download 699 maps at the same time when you joined the server it would take alot of hours or even days depending on your internet speed and it would use alot of disk space Which clearly didn’t?? You download the map when you join on that map for the first time and not every map when you join the server for the first time Surf combat before was rpg and it was badly made and shite that’s why people didn’t have high hopes for this one where as bhop was well made but it didn’t have a lot of players ignoring my other points are we
  8. PizzaFromWalmart

    New Bhop Server!

    Why do some servers have it and it works just fine -Adding alot of unnecessary things such as trails , pets , skins and whatever else kurama has added makes the players lag and download unnecessary stuff -It just took me like 5-10 minutes to join bhop just because i was dowloading these things -It probably makes the machine lag and it also makes the players lag -And it also might make new players when joining leave because they think all of these downloads are viruses (yes this has happened before) -That's 3 days wasted on adding a server which most likely won't be active instead of improving the servers you already have -You may say oh there's nothing wrong with the servers everything is fine But let me just post an example -RETAKES - add back molotovs and incendiary grenades - add dualies Why dualies you may ask? - only pistol not on the server. Some might say its a gun to troll with, if so then why is the revolver there? it's just objectively worse than the deagle. Can't be too hard to tweak the guns menu -For some reason when i nade myself i don't take damage in Retakes 1 but i do in Retakes 2? -Points across both servers People want this as many play on either server depending on which map is being played or how many are on (retakes 2 fills in the morning, retakes 1 will be full later). Both points should just be added together and a universal standing should be made.
  9. PizzaFromWalmart

    New Bhop Server!

    That's alot , why don't you just narrow it down to like 50 good maps instead of having half or more being really bad Add something that everyone actually wants : redie Doesn't having a shit ton of cosmetics make the machine and players lag aswell If you did there would be a post in which people would choose if they want a bhop server or another server
  10. PizzaFromWalmart

    ALERT Best ENW memories

    When thomas (a 10/11 year old player who used to play jailbreak) was singing it's everyday bro
  11. nice pic bro

  12. PizzaFromWalmart

    The future of ENW

    Surf combat has active players throughout the day meanwhile jailbreak becomes active around 4 pm and above
  13. PizzaFromWalmart

    The future of ENW

    So you're gonna let such an important decision to be handled by players who only play 1 server. And also keep in mind that 11 out of the 21 votes atm are from players that rarely play or are banned for a long time at the moment?
  14. PizzaFromWalmart

    The future of ENW

    Why does minigames even have 6 votes , we should just accept that it's dead , it's been tested and updated by 3 different server leaders since mid 2017 (mist , jopie and yoblana) and it never became alive compared to 2016. Sure it had some players here and there but the highest peak since 2018 started has been when I invited like 10 ex staff and old players. Meanwhile KZ has so much potenial , but sadly the server hasn't been updated since Dankhus resigned (which was like 5 months ago) i remember during March when it had 20 players daily and at times was even the most popular server , but sadly JT has not updated it at all since he became the server leader , hasn't added the new maps etc. Funnily enough sometimes i even see KZ have more players than MG If possible neither of the retakes should be removed due to retakes 1 and 2 players disliking eachother , and if retakes 2 gets removed i just can see the amount of toxic people in forums , discord and retakes. And also both the retakes are doing just fine IMO. And why is surf combat even in the list , it's the server with the most active playerbase TL;DR Remove minigames and KZ VIP , try to give kz one last chance by updating it and if it doesn't work just remove it aswell