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  1. PizzaFromWalmart

    Big Lion Giveaway

  2. +rep, best staff ENW has ever had.

  3. PizzaFromWalmart

    Discord weekly competition

    I mean it's a great idea butttt :/
  4. PizzaFromWalmart


    Congratulations @Melt and @Pride rip @Etherexl-18-
  5. PizzaFromWalmart


    Congarulations @Lumi
  6. PizzaFromWalmart


    Iron's giveaways , I wanna win it , I win it all I wanna win all day
  7. PizzaFromWalmart

    Lumi's resignation

    instinct4dev? imagine not being able to circle strafe @Galaxy
  8. PizzaFromWalmart

    Promotions (Mostly)

    Congratulations @zHyper and @Nacho
  9. PizzaFromWalmart

    Give away

    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy 76561198275920705 you can't win because you didn't like the post bro...
  10. Happy birth day 

  11. PizzaFromWalmart

    Travis resignation

    Goodbye travis gl in the future
  12. PizzaFromWalmart


    Congratulations OLE , I am sure you will be a great Admin leader. (still bad at bhop though)
  13. PizzaFromWalmart


  14. PizzaFromWalmart

    New Bhop Server!

    Yea because the other options were really good to pick weren’t they? ^^^^^ No you don’t if you had to download 699 maps at the same time when you joined the server it would take alot of hours or even days depending on your internet speed and it would use alot of disk space Which clearly didn’t?? You download the map when you join on that map for the first time and not every map when you join the server for the first time Surf combat before was rpg and it was badly made and shite that’s why people didn’t have high hopes for this one where as bhop was well made but it didn’t have a lot of players ignoring my other points are we