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  1. PizzaFromWalmart

    irons birthday

    Happy birthday ironcookiemc
  2. PizzaFromWalmart

    2 credit VIP competition

  3. PizzaFromWalmart

    VIP Giveaway

    blade is the best admin leader blade > zeroh 76561198275920705
  4. PizzaFromWalmart

    Lionking Resignation

  5. PizzaFromWalmart

    My Resignation

    hmpf it's n-not l..like I liked you or anything ole-chan >.< Farewell
  6. PizzaFromWalmart

    Lumi's demotion

    Sayonara @Lumi You were a good dev but not as good as travis hun Gonna miss you x
  7. PizzaFromWalmart

    VIP Credits Giveaway

    wb the punisher
  8. PizzaFromWalmart

    KTAN is back

    Don't wanna be a toxic person, but this wasn't fun at all in my opinion First map was basically abuse time, bury,unbury,spam giveweapons,spam givemolotovs,spam other shit Second and the third map were a bit better but the bhopping ruined it(and also that sound bug on dodge course wtf) Not to mention i got freekilled atleast 5 times because the staff didn't even know what they were doing The playerbase which hit a peak of 40 during obama dropped to around 30 in undertale which says something. Anyway hopefully the next one is a bit better.
  9. PizzaFromWalmart

    fyas birthday

    OwO what's this *notices date* oh h.happy birthday fya-chan >.<
  10. PizzaFromWalmart

    KTAN is back

    Undertale , clouds , eckz dee(or whatever the name is)
  11. PizzaFromWalmart

    Big Lion Giveaway

  12. +rep, best staff ENW has ever had.

  13. PizzaFromWalmart

    Discord weekly competition

    I mean it's a great idea butttt :/
  14. PizzaFromWalmart


    Congratulations @Melt and @Pride rip @Etherexl-18-
  15. PizzaFromWalmart


    Congarulations @Lumi