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  1. PizzaFromWalmart

    5v5 Tournament and new Admin Leader

    Congratulations hans
  2. PizzaFromWalmart


  3. PizzaFromWalmart

    Stepping Down

    The #yob4mgsl movement gets stronger everyday
  4. PizzaFromWalmart

    Had to do it!

    Might aswell join in aye?
  5. PizzaFromWalmart


    God has heard my prayers Welcome back dad
  6. PizzaFromWalmart

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    Rigged they’re brothers you will be hearing from my lawyer 😡
  7. PizzaFromWalmart

    Only 90's kid will remember and appreciate this

    But i played this and was born in 2017
  8. PizzaFromWalmart


  9. PizzaFromWalmart

    Shit ENW Says

    Baby - <3 Dawn - putting heart signs in chat what a weeb Baby - what is a weeb Dylan - huphop is a weeb Zilly - do you know what that is baby Baby - yeah those people who watch enema right *everybody starts laughing in voicechat* p.s enema is en·e·ma ˈenəmə/ noun a procedure in which liquid or gas is injected into the rectum, typically to expel its contents, but also to introduce drugs or permit X-ray imaging.
  10. PizzaFromWalmart

    New Admin Leaders

  11. PizzaFromWalmart


    Goodbye Schwarz you have helped me and alot of other people you have made this community what it is now and i hope one day you will return ❤️❤️ ~Sayonara
  12. PizzaFromWalmart

    Dank is not in the Hus anymore

    angery 😡
  13. PizzaFromWalmart

    Promotion 2

    Congratulations fancy