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  1. Legacyy

    Favourite songs

    Skrapz' new daily duppy is harddddd
  2. Changes to the map pool have been made and the new map list is: surf_10x_remix_karma_b3 surf_bigloop_enw surf_buck-wild_nf_v4 surf_buzzkill2_csgo2 surf_castle_enw surf_colos2_nf surf_dust2_zoom_v5 surf_fusion_enw surf_japan_ptad_enw surf_ski_enw surf_skyscraper_v3_pk VIP Shop: Added custom AWP skins Removed custom player models I am also going to change the mm rank values. Before I made changes to the server but they kept changing back however we’ve sorted that issue out now so surf should be operating smoothly from now on! Also, if anyone wants any changes to be made, make a suggestion in #suggestions in the discord server. Make sure to join surf combat on
  3. Surf combat: Maps removed: - surf_megagreen - surf_poolday Maps added: - surf_buck_wild_2 - surf_greatriver_classic -Added improved hitreg plugin -Added gun menu in spawn -Added MM ranks back and changed the values e.g. 8000 points for The Global Elite (I will make the values higher if it becomes more popular) -Removed overhead info in FFA Also planning on chaning the whole map pool so PM me on discord if you want any maps removed or added.
  4. South West England > South East England
  5. Legacyy

    MG and JB KTAN!

    Jailbreak : Undertale, Clouds, Minecraft beta Minigames: Scoutknivez, Goldeneye, a multigames map
  6. Legacyy


    true but thats boring af Ok i'll admit it i flew to Norway to meet Andre
  7. Legacyy


    It's going shit, I cannot meet my friends and there's fuck all to do
  8. my dog because who else will loudly bark at everything that moves or makes a noise
  9. Legacyy


    I know you play surf and I'm not adding custom player models as they're not really needed and the hitboxes can be buggy I'm pretty certain these already exist
  10. Surf combat Added plugin for one hit awp shots Change spawn protection from 5 seconds to 10 seconds Removed: surf_abhorrence_ctgov2 surf_buck-fever2 surf_buck-wild surf_dust2_2018_fix surf_forrest2 surf_itrance surf_mastermind_a1_1 surf_monastery surf_monster_dust2_go_fix surf_nocturns_monster_fix surf_rp06 surf_ski_2_go
  11. Sampha - Process Frank ocean - Blond Freddie gibbs -pinata Childish gambino - because the internet Also some random artists which are alright which you might not know about: Daniel Caesar Don Toliver M Huncho Got a lot more shit on my spotify so msg me if you want the good stuff😉
  12. YesOrDie Best album of all time?
  13. mcdonalds big mac meal is a new cereal bro smh Also you didnt answer alans question, but I have my own question Who's the top 3 worst staff members?
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