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  1. Legacyy

    Bhop Combat

    1. No, I still think it’s unnecessary to have custom models in a gamemode like bhop combat, even if the hitboxes are good people will still complain and make excuses. 2. A weapon list. Even though guns like the nova are cheap and popular, many players still prefer the AWP however it is more than 4 times the amount and they won’t play able to use it every round. 3. Normal competitive maps with come custom maps, I’ve played bhop combat servers with custom maps such as awp_india and I’m sure it will bring variety to the server. Make sure the ramps are able to bhop on and keep your speed as I’m sure that won’t be the case for some maps like awp_lego. 4. A little competition will be good for the server to populate and become competitive at the early stages if players know they will earn a prize if they do a certain task e.g. being in top 3. 5. Fully automatic weapons should be banned, also if we have debates about whether other weapons should be banned, we can always call a community vote to see the communities perspective as a whole and maybe act upon that. I personally think shotguns should stay too.
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    5v5 Tournament and new Admin Leader

    congrats hans
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    Christmas cheer

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