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  1. tiredaf

    The end of ENW

    thank you all for the memories. ill never forget them honestly
  2. my shits boring go away

  3. tiredaf

    Promotion !

    ayyy 10/10 bicboi
  4. used to watch suicide vids off best gore in class at school....this is like watching cartoon network for me get good
  5. tiredaf

    Idea ?

    Literally crying right now
  6. gonna be honest here but it might have been because of me and a friend the exploit ban was made and yes exploits are extremely annoying but when i'm thinking about "long bans" i hope you warn them first and don't just go all ban happy. since i used to use exploits and thought of them as map knowledge and skill and i almost got banned for quite a while (before i was an admin) but instead i helped out and showed some admins where a lot of the exploits were so it could be prevented instead of getting ban raped without knowing what for.
  7. tiredaf

    more aura's

    i mean it would work if we had someone that could recode the entire plugin and add new geometry to the emitted glow....
  8. I started reading at 4:20am (hue) finished at 4:45am I 100% agree with what you wrote but as a side note I must say fuck you for waking mr up with your stupid ass facebook message now I cant fall back asleep and you will pay in blood.....also you will approve this post so everyone can see the suffering you have brought me......ps much love from your neighbourhood bumboi kururu <3
  9. even though 95% of whats going on in the world goes over my head cause i'm a illiterate piece of shit. people are seriously stupid like i mean i don't really know about a lot that's going on but it just seems like obama and just about 99% of the US is war hungry against anything that has to do with Syria or anything within the vicinity of it. just how im thinking i dont know shit nor am i good at standing with my own opinion...please be gentle
  10. tiredaf

    Your music?

    just some stuffs yup stuffs like that and this
  11. I'm not gay i promise.....

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