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  1. woke up chris birmingham oh my god im the lad im so dabbing i can nae nae i just facetimed boqua happy birthday to my favourite 3rd worlder, pizzatron please donate to the serbian government to hamper pizza's quality of life kind retards, sniffler
  2. 102 years ago today was the October Revolution, when Vladimir Lenin led a revolution against the Provisional Russian Government to give power to the democratically elected workers' councils - or Soviets.
  3. Sniffler

    Goodbye Ruizu

    Last time someone made a forum post about an ENW member dying, they were banned for multiple weeks.
  4. Sniffler


    Person below.
  5. Sniffler

    Give away

    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy 76561198063503963
  6. Sniffler

    The future of ENW

    Or you could disallow players who have low activity recently, or are banned, from voting - therefore only the people who actually care about playing the servers can vote on the future of such servers.
  7. nice necropost mongo
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