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  1. BuddaH

    Shit ENW Says

    wow really, that was just for you
  2. BuddaH

    Shit ENW Says

    Joram: I like men
  3. Oblivion is sick, so many hours clocked on that. Skyrim was cool when experiencing it first time, sort of bored of it now. Elder scrolls online would be good if I didnt have to pay for dlcs and shit.
  4. BuddaH

    M4A4 vs M4A1-S

    When does a post become a necro post 11 days+?
  5. BuddaH

    M4A4 vs M4A1-S

    @LionKing Doesn't like necro posting wicked
  6. Show me the clip with my voice in it, can't imagine what I could be saying, probably raging haha
  7. http://plays.tv/u/BuddaaH You've permission to use all of mine, Some are decent.
  8. Apologies senpai, won't happen again :)
  9. Hey Dev team, not sure if this is intentional or not but there's a 404 error on the donations link on stats.me page, http://imgur.com/a/egUqt hope this helps,
  10. BuddaH


    Inb4 Buds takes yo spot, cheers for the service boi x
  11. BuddaH


    Weeb admins weeb server, Congrats weeb
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