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  1. Oggy


    Atleast i have a friend in this lonely retirement home, All the best mate, You've been fantastic for the community.
  2. Oggy

    EWN Christmas giveaway

    I don't want a key, I just want to say it. WEEBS ARE TRASH.
  3. Oggy


    Congratulations guys :)
  4. I blame the IPhone auto-correct on that occasion pls forgive me for having a iPhone
  5. Something like that normally happens when you let Austin drive. Honestly the amount of walls and tree’s he crashes into is unbelievable.
  6. Not bad monitors are they for the price??
  7. Oggy


    Hahahaha this made me giggle. ?? Thank you everyone! It’s a pleasure to be apart of the community.
  8. I'm not really sure why, But I watched all of that.
  9. He himself had a full hetai collection
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