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  1. O Jeebus. Congratz REEEEEri.
  2. a shitty memer at best ;)
  3. Congratz @LionKing luv you bro <3
  4. Bender

    Kweey Resignation

    Farewell buddy! will be missed.
  5. I haven't ran into anymore cases of this in the last day or so. Maybe it was just a small issue due to do with something else. Disregard this Bug please
  6. I am fully aware of how this plugin is SUPPOSED to work. Just over the last 2 days I have experienced many cases where the CT's are muted until the "Terrorists may talk" message pops up. But other ct's are able to hear each other before this. The reason why I know it's at this exact moment. Is because usually the Warden will be mid sentence when "Magically" their mic comes on when this message pops up. and due to the fact that im on a crappy laptop right now because im currently moving houses I do not have any recording software in order to give an example of what Im talking about. All im saying is Im not 100% sure that the plugin is working correctly.
  7. It seems to have been happening more recently and I think it has to do with the "Guard Mute" plugin that mightive messed with how the "Terrorist mute" system works.
  8. I don't have any video evidence. But for some reason the CounterTerroists get the 30second "Terrorist Mute" at the start of rounds. Where only their fellow ct's can hear them but none of the T's can. This is causing issues with accidental freedays due to people not hearing any commands for the first 30seconds of the round. It seems to be solved once people !uw (Unwarden) then !w (Warden) again if that helps at all. Thanks for taking a look into this, Bender.
  9. *Cough* Thanks in advance *Cough*
  10. Bender

    Giveaway (Yay?!)

    Show me how much you love me hehe :^)
  11. Actually really excited for this, Cant wait for the store update :^)
  12. Bender

    Crukt Sl

    Didn't know you well, but thank you for your time my dude!~
  13. This is true, Also I personally haven't met any squeaky VIP members that are cancerous. So I don't see the harm in implementing this.
  14. Bender

    sv_deadtalk 0

    Deadtalk seems fine enabled, Wardens are able to mutedead if people are being to obnoxious, along with the fact that admins have the power to mute the dead as well.
  15. Bender

    Tracer skin

    Or Widowmaker to make all the 12 year olds horny
  16. Bender

    Tracer skin

    The Bikini girl and octodad seem 1000% better compared to the tracer model. Edit: I would love to see an alternative skin to the Tracer one. ~ If you think the other two are broken as well then try to find alternatives for them as well. :3
  17. Yeah, That will come in time if Pruppet feels like even messing around with the idea of this, Balance come after a while of testing different variables n all that shit. Which (If you see this Pruppet) I would be more than happy to help out with
  18. Sorry for you getting mixed up with instinct :x .. Its all good, take your time!~ it's awesome that you are dedicating time in general to put things like this into the server <3
  19. Yeah thats the issue, Its just an idea, going to have to see what Instinct and/or Pruppet can do with it ^.^
  20. I just realized I made this post in the wrong area, Its not in the JB Specific forum, but I'm a pleb and don't know how to delete this post
  21. I'm making this post to share an idea for a specialty game mode. I've seen Pruppet* messing around with the idea of a "Balanced Warday" and I thought that was really cool. The idea I had was to make some sort of "Boss Fight" game mode where one ct is teleported somewhere on the map, with increased HP, Size, Reduced movement speed, etc. Then is given a weapon of some sort, maybe something close range like a Nova, Sawed off, or even just a knife (If it was just a knife he would have to be given slightly faster movement speed and maybe a jump boost) ... After this one ct is tp'ed the rest of the players are switched quickly to T, then teleported to armory to gear up. This game mode could be played when there is around 15+ players, making a 14v1 or something along those lines and adjust the boss health according to the amount of players. It sounds like an interesting idea, and of course you could experiment with a lot of different combinations of Hp, speed, weapons etc. or even make a random generator type thing for the boss stats. Let me know your thoughts
  22. Bender

    new server

    This sounds like a great addition to the servers, pretty excited to try it myself
  23. Yeah, I like the idea of this, like stated in my previous post.
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