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  1. O Jeebus. Congratz REEEEEri.
  2. a shitty memer at best ;)
  3. Congratz @LionKing luv you bro <3
  4. Bender

    Kweey Resignation

    Farewell buddy! will be missed.
  5. *Cough* Thanks in advance *Cough*
  6. Bender

    Giveaway (Yay?!)

    Show me how much you love me hehe :^)
  7. Bender

    Crukt Sl

    Didn't know you well, but thank you for your time my dude!~
  8. Bender

    new server

    This sounds like a great addition to the servers, pretty excited to try it myself
  9. If you guys legit want a code for this game ~ I just used this sketchy looking website and made a dumb account with a bunch of fake info and it worked~ http://www.mmorpg.com/giveaways/quake-champions-closed-beta-key-giveaway-1000000822 ~ This is where I also got my PUBG Closed Beta key from. I'm linking this website for people who want a key ~ Not trying to do anything weird. Let me know if Im breaking any rules by doing so.
  10. I love majority of the remixed this channel does, but these two have to be up there with my favorites ~
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Febreze-Freshener-Effects-Hawaiian-Aloha/dp/B001RZSS4M ~ Dis shizzle right here my man
  12. Gotta go with that Tropical Shizzle. Gets me into a better mood after dealing with cancerous players :^)
  13. Bender


    I liked your post but I wasn't on the spinner D:
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