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  1. Randyman

    deja vu?

    We love to see it. Welcome ack everyone! I hope everything wasn't too tarnished
  2. Randyman

    My Resignation

    One of the players that i respected the most from day one. Was always a stand up person even when he wasn't staff. Time being taken away happens to everyone and it's sad to hear that it's happened to you as well. You were always kind and respectful to everyone which is why you were really good for the community. I hope your studies go well my man.
  3. +rep, best staff ENW has ever had.

  4. Randyman

    The end of ENW

    Thanks to all for the fun times! CSGO has been one of the most played games for me and to find an enjoyable community to play in (even though to admit fucking toxic xD) throughout my days of relaxing has been the best for me! i hope everyone can find their place in another community and a place where they can keep being them and hopefully have the best time that they can! (I mean it’s a fucking game enjoy yourself :)) thank you to shwartz and medez and joram for giving us a place to meet and play on. Even though there were the hitches here and there but at least it still functioned! I hope you guys have the best in the future! Thanks to the staff team for keeping the servers enjoyable and using their time to make sure that we actually have an enjoyable space. its been a pleasure guys. Hopes everyone has the best.
  5. Randyman

    The future of ENW

    What tick are all the servers right now? Aren’t they close to 64 right now?
  6. Randyman

    The future of ENW

    How about instead admins need to just not have call admin blocked... instead of ignoring the people that they kindly offered to volunteer and help keep the servers following the rules they can just do that if that’s what everyone is bothered about. Unfortunately Riri it shouldn’t be “forcing” since admins/mods volunteer their time to help with the servers. i was in a community with “trusted members” and honestly didn’t really put a good impression on all the other people who koined in on the servers and they didn’t stay for very long. KZ is dead from what I see but leave that to the votes of the people and let them decide if they want to keep it. If people want to keep them say that the server is on a trial period. By that I mean the server could be kept or stay alive for the time and within that time the activity of the server would be judged and it’s not sufficient enough then unfortunately that makes the decision.
  7. Randyman

    The future of ENW

    I mean all players have the equal right to vote what they want no matter if they have low activity. The chances of players who have been banned voting won't really be a lot since the ones that do are just the trolling ones who have been banned and are known to the community (Not a lot of them). Majority of people will be regulars so that's not really a problem. I think it's best to have all players opinions because in personal opinion i think regular players on all ENW servers know what they like and don't and know what they will play more.
  8. Randyman

    I Have Returned

    Welcome back 🙂
  9. Randyman

    Gameme (stats)

    Sorry that wa noly last time. I always destroyed you before
  10. Randyman

    Gameme (stats)

    Stupid GameMe.... Now how am i going to get to Top10 in 1v1 arena.... Not enough time for me! xD
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