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  1. Mr. Jopie


    Noooooooo Schwarz don't leave we need you *starts crying*
  2. Mr. Jopie

    Promotion 2

    Grats Fancy ^^
  3. Mr. Jopie


    Grats Ole ^^
  4. Happy b-day ?

    1. Mr. Jopie

      Mr. Jopie

      Thank you :DD

  5. Mr. Jopie


    Congrats Galaxy!
  6. Mr. Jopie

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Minigames Maps Added:mg_assassin_ninja_course_fix_v2 Added:mg_icecavern_course_v2 Added:mg_leo_course Added:mg_nexerade_course Added:mg_Stephen_TOP_v4_fix Added:mg_strugen_v1
  7. Mr. Jopie


    Congrats ^^
  8. Mr. Jopie

    My run has come to an end x

    Goodbye mister defoosed
  9. Mr. Jopie

    Promotions (AL & SL)

    Congrats Dankhus and Zeroh!! Both of you will do great!
  10. Mr. Jopie

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    MG Removed mg_uvespace_course_betav2 Removed mg_pavlos_building_v1_0 Added mg_pauls_smash_reborn_v1 Added mg_nox_land Added mg_koga73_multigames_d Added mg_anime_land
  11. Mr. Jopie


    Thanks for letting us know!
  12. Mr. Jopie

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Minigames Plugins: Removed: franug_ammo Added: sm_replen Added: duckfix
  13. Mr. Jopie

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Minigames Maps: Added: mg_dans_course_remaster Added: mg_ig_ace_course_v2 Added: mg_legoworld_course_v8 Added: mg_nebo_course_fix Added: mg_nxr_course_csgo Added: mg_speedrun_course_rf Added: mg_start_course Added: mg_bhop_battle_csgo_b Added: mg_super_tower_v4
  14. Mr. Jopie

    Minigames - Rules

    Updated You are only allowed to knife if you completely run out of bullets if you are still able to reload your weapon and still knife someone you are breaking them rules. First Knife - 2 round slay Second Knife - 3 round slay Third Knife and you will be banned.
  15. Mr. Jopie

    Surf Combat SL

    Grats Aquuauauaua