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  1. thx for the enw news my mayn
  2. *posts later on that one and someone telling him to stop gravedigging threads*
  3. early access till 2019
  4. how much money did you waste for it
  5. google chrome is a botnet and firefox cares about your privacy also fully costumizable/actively developed @Zeroh i rate pad/10 EDIT: No need to double post and quote a large image if it's right above your reply
  6. new game post sharex screenshot folder
  7. Simple as that, post how you manage your desktop. Kinda curious bout if you use dual-monitor setups
  8. Zorex

    Project & new

    i just love the circulation once a server becomes unpopular as the staff doesn't care bout them that much and focuses on one specific game mode since noticable, same logic can go for minigames too then
  9. g000d woman to give bread

  10. Zorex


    i have soft tissue injury for the past 2 years, seems like it won't be curing 100% anytime
  11. Zorex


    https://osu.ppy.sh/u/zorexi dont play this game if you have wrist issues aka mouse play mostly
  12. down for everything as long as gameme is untouched ;^)
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