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  1. Whatever, there's no point trying to argue cos admins are always right.
  2. Yes your right. But that isn't what happens. If admin reports were taken seriously I wouldn't have to request this.
  3. I already have. He has the evidence, but nothing will be done about it cos admins.
  4. That's not very nice. Is it? Players should be treated with the same respect as any other member of staff. Staff on here all take one and another side. Just because your staff doesn't mean you're allowed to break the rules. Just because your staff doesn't mean you're better than anyone else. I assume that's what you think. as most staff do. Ignorance is all that it is..
  5. Well. I'll send you messages with Cloud.
  6. Exactly my point. No rules for admins.
  7. If you post in the admin section it will get deleted. I don't see how that's fair since admins have to obey the same rules we do. Or so that's the way it should be.. *cough cough*. So we can report players publicly but we can't report admins. Why is this? Do you not want to make the server look bad?
  8. Jakr

    Posh roadmen on ENW

    I know it's cringey but it defines a few people on ENW.
  9. Jakr

    Posh roadmen on ENW

    Arent you the one with the scarf?
  10. He steam messaged me. It was broke, then he fixed it and then it broke again. I told him id let him know when there are only two people online.
  11. Jakr

    Community Idea

    Binoculars for JB
  12. There needs to be three people online for one to switch to CT. It would be great if you could fix this. Thanks.
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