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  1. Dankhus

    The end of ENW

    Shut up, kid. You know who put in real work. 😉
  2. Battling on the legendary kz_bridge17 against viking Becoming SL from being a regular member by pulling a Dankhus Getting myself banned in the first 2 hours of being SL Making kz more popular than jb/sc and then watching it die Banning Budgie Banning viking Hitting 285 LJ after 2 long-ass years AL with @defused❤️ Many great moments on kz (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jpij5GoLo0) It truly is it's own language and a very special skill. And finally a couple of videos I made: @PizzaFromWalmart - Nobhead: @chief - Dabbing and smashing:
  3. Dankhus

    The end of ENW

    I hit my first 280 on ENW. :^) Never thought I could reveal this, but turns out after I resigned I kept full perms on the kz server due to me giving myself root perms in the server files back when I got accepted. Was fun abusing @WJTW and some other players. I suppose you could remove them now, but what would be the fun in that? I guess I will be the only one to ever pull a Dankhus now... 😉
  4. Dankhus

    The future of ENW

    How about changing the server name to something along the lines of *IP CHANGED - NEW IP: insert ip*?
  5. Dankhus

    The future of ENW

    I pretty much don't play cs anymore and also don't have motivation/time. I'll pass on that one.
  6. Dankhus

    The future of ENW

    I don't see a very bright future for KZ to be honest... Unless someone is planning on spending a large amount of effort on restoring it, I don't think it'll ever succeed. Let's face it, ENW KZ is definitely not what it used to be. KZ maybe needs to take one for the team.
  7. Dankhus


    Biggest no u in history
  8. Dankhus


    You were nice and supporting to me from day 1. Thanks for always helping me out! ENW is truly amazing, and you created it. You should be proud. Goodbye 🙂
  9. This might seem weird to all of you, but I think it's true. Always seemed inaccurate to me
  10. Hit me with the nostalgia Thats a great one haha
  11. It's been a great run; almost a whole year in the staff team. I had a good time. But the time to say goodbye has come... The moment you even start thinking about resigning, something is wrong. I've had this feeling these last weeks... Along with losing interest in ENW and CS:GO in general; I started playing other games, want to pursue a higher level of sports, and have some other stuff to do I'd rather not say publicly. I planned on being a staff member for longer, but plans never work out, do they? Instead of stretching it out, I thought it would be better to let someone else take my place. For the people wondering what will happen to the KZ server, don't worry! I'm not leaving it without preparation. I made sure to leave a text document (which the owners have) with all the info needed - along with a possible solution to our current problems - for the next SL. I won't be disappearing, meaning I'll still hang out on the servers and on discord from time to time. I also won't become a "toxic ex-staff", don't worry. That's about all I had to say. Farewell
  12. Dankhus

    Promotion 2

    Congratulations to @fancynamexd for being promoted to Admin. We look forward to your service. The Leadership Team sorry for double post >.<
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