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  1. Kenolt

    A new start.

    can I also have a discord unban innit
  2. Kenolt

    A new start.

    can io haz admin now?
  3. Kenolt


    banned from discord, demoted and idk if im banned from servers yet
  4. Kenolt


    Mad lad theres nothing that a 100 men or more ould ever do, ... Africa
  5. Kenolt


    Thanks bud cheers ??? :/ *thonk* take me home BOYS!!!!!
  6. Kenolt


    Thank you thank you sound sound Lets get this goin
  7. Kenolt


    ty so so much <3 ONE LOVE
  8. Kenolt

    ALERT Best ENW memories

    people spamming you on discord / steam complaining that some1freekilled them LOVED THAT
  9. Kenolt


    This is the best community post below what u think too!
  10. Kenolt

    The end of ENW

    oh shit damn
  11. Kenolt

    Stepping Down

    Yh me too, I think the title is misleading
  12. Kenolt

    Help me

    Its not better, i7 is always better but for gaming an i5 is almost always sufficient. Getting an i7 would usually be extra cost for little bonus performance. So its up to you whether you think its worth the extra cost.
  13. Kenolt

    ALERT Month VIP giveaway

    I nto admin, gimmea respawn and VIP plz
  14. Kenolt


  15. Kenolt

    New Admin Leaders

    Congrats to the both of you