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  1. @HarryOf course Harry I know that. I realised it was a mistake i posted this
  2. Wait so you're not Joram? I thought you were Joram XD @Pride
  3. Have you seen the title under your name XD Joram's Little Bitch @Pride
  4. I wont always pays you guy but I will be making a donation to the Admins and the Server every 2 weeks Send me payapl if interested ! @[email protected]
  5. Joram you go ahead and do that XD @Pride
  6. £3 a week. Might not be a lot but from a saturday job I cant give a lot away as you earn little. @Pankrakles
  7. XD @Blade But once I get my saturday jobs I will be giving you guys £3 each. I legit will. @Pankrakles Maybe It will increase to £4
  8. I don't know, you should be helping me out Blade not going against me XD @Blade I'm speaking out for you guys.
  9. Not by me of course XD @Blade People higher up such as Server Owners who get money from the servers.
  10. Admins take their time out of the day to come to the ENW servers to make us, the players, have fun and feel safe. If they didn't the ENW servers would not be fun and also filled with hackers which then the servers would die out as no one would play it anymore. How would you feel if you weren't safe and the only hope (the admins) can't save you? ADMINS SHOULD BE PAYED!
  11. Dear Members of The Forums, I thought it would be a great idea for ENW to create a 1v1 servers for people to go on and not just practice their skills against other players but also have fun. The popularity of 1v1 servers on CSGO has been increasing rapidly and ENW needs to be a part of this growth. If this popularity increases for a 1v1 ENW server not just would you get more people playing on yours servers and spreading it about to their friends, this 1v1 server could make people donate money which with that money you can improve your other servers and also create many more which will bring more people in which the same thing will happen again. I hope you have thought of this clearly. Your Sincerely, Emb3rs KM
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