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  1. That was a moment when i wasn't on the server. If i were on the T side :PP
  2. Well guys I'll start if of, since I haven't seen such topic. I'll be going for the first couple weekends to FRANCE and after a couple days at home I'll be going to ITALY (further information follows) What about you? Tell something about your destination
  3. Like vayarowsu (aka dylan) says, you maight add some of the admins which run those servers. When you find problems with anyone you can just call them. If there is no one online, record it, or screenshot it and post it here in the right section.
  4. I like guardian a lot, but he's still the 2nd best awper and maybe even 3th. Even too KennyS has a bit of a down time he isn't directly going to 2nd place (in my opinion). Yesterday he showed a glimpse of the old KennyS in top condition. My 3 best awpers are: 1st. KennyS 2nd. JW 3th. Guardian These 3 players a really sensationail to watch.. He also showed a point blank shot through the smoke (on cbble, if someone remembers) on someone which made a bit of sound, while he was getting hunted by other players fromNa'vi
  5. DieselOP


    Well this is the Netherlands... Not that great as yours schwarz
  6. DieselOP

    Stepping Down

    Like 'Anders Bloom' would say: 'Are you kidding me?' Goodluck with your exams man, I know from a time ago this was indeed an important point in my life. And ofcourse goodluck with the things all around what you're doing
  7. DieselOP

    I'm done =(

    Good game, well played. Goodluck further with your life and your career !
  8. Back in the days I played 'Die Hard' so often that my mom would've thrown my playstation out of the window. Now it's a Déjà vu with my girlfriend with CS:GO
  9. DieselOP

    Whatsapp group

    Lol... I don't think is alright to get an outsider your mobilephone number... Creapy voice in the evening, hell no
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