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  1. Richy -iwnl-


    When winner announced?
  2. Richy -iwnl-


  3. Richy -iwnl-

    Which football team do you support?

    Manchester United Waay
  4. Richy -iwnl-

    The legend of the Magnum King

    what a memester
  5. Richy -iwnl-


    Hello i requested this you baller xD
  6. Richy -iwnl-

    Weeb or na?

    i kind of am kind of arent
  7. Richy -iwnl-

    2 $5 skin giveaway

    im big russian guy yes?
  8. Richy -iwnl-

    AK-47| Blue Laminate FN giveaway (FOR EVERYONE)

    I see u respect us ! :DD kappa123
  9. Richy -iwnl-

    ENW Logo?

    Red one
  10. Richy -iwnl-

    Link Your Favourite Song ATM

    Not going to lie this song is bae <3
  11. Richy -iwnl-

    ALERT Saying goodbye! <3

    This is not because of the month ban admins BTW...
  12. Richy -iwnl-

    ALERT Saying goodbye! <3

    Well im just saying goodbye to enw im quitting its good for some people and for some people bad ( for everyone its good ) and yeah I loved this server and the community even though some people were toxic well i was but ye. I am leaving because of the fact that i just dont deserve to be in a good community like this and im not sure if i come back but i will make a post if i will come back but also i will change my toxic behaviour racism and all that shit , sorry for admins who had trouble with me including synthetic. bai
  13. Richy -iwnl-

    FIX Getting banned for no reason

    I have a screenshot of you typing the n word on the map : jb_raspberry_v4 right after instinct left and also do you have a screenshot of me typing a racist word? or a recording? no witnessess arent good enough and i did not say anything racist also pruppet would of heard me.