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  1. Austin

    A new start.

    Big boy Budgie returns
  2. Austin

    The end of ENW

    Rejoice Jk, sad to see this happening although I don't really play anymore, some reasonable people like you said, most are cunts though
  3. Austin


    Oooga Booga I perm ban everyone because I want rights, enjoy the like you beg.
  4. Rip, great AL, some crappy options to replace you but good luck to whoever applies tbf.
  5. HBD stupid Aqua lover <33333
  6. Austin


    I told Joram to turn my +rep into -rep, been working my way back to 0 rep since. Was like nearly 500 at the time I believe, might be wrong though
  7. Austin


    If you don't get this I am going to be disappointed and my day will be ruined :^)
  8. 14 Year old AL. 15 min required age for mod... :thinking: Grats though Dank, look how far this boy got you :') you are growing up fast.
  9. <33333333333333333333333333333333

  10. Helping ENW get a constant influx of new players more than likely, you obviously wouldn't get anything for doing it, just like admin; besides it said trusted staff.
  11. You mean 80-85%, those are the more commonly sold prices xD, at least for things such as Reddit and Opskins xD Below 80% is an absolute bargain, which is also a lot less common in most cases, just so you know. :)
  12. At what point did I mention OPskins?
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