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  1. Kasper

    Lumi's demotion

    U actually gonna bait me like this... I came here to see if he deleted SB and u don't even say what he did
  2. Kasper

    Why i hate Wednesdays

    wedness day is a half day in my school wedness rated 10/10
  3. Kasper

    KTAN is back

  4. Kasper

    KTAN is back

    ez w
  5. Kasper

    Big Lion Giveaway

    hey thats me LionKing ill be refunding btw
  6. Kasper

    Big Lion Giveaway

    u know faking giveaways is a ban
  7. Kasper

    Big Lion Giveaway

    when winners are drawn men
  8. +rep, best staff enw had

  9. Kasper

    Christmas Logo Vote

    ur banned thooooooooooo
  10. Kasper

    REQUEST Vip suggestion

    Posts add up over 2 years js
  11. Kasper

    REQUEST Vip suggestion

    let vips edit rank on forum rank = http://prntscr.com/loqc2s make our tags unique with exceptions like taking staff roles mod etc
  12. Kasper


  13. Kasper

    Give away

    Stummy in my tummy make me feel dummy 76561198848176143 how yall gonna win with the wrong steam id
  14. Kasper

    Rotating Server!/Promotions!/Giveaway results!

    Arq is now unbanned but as I am banned I would still like the 5 credits credited to my account and will use them as soon as I will comeback on the 5th of December at 6:25pm