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  1. Kasper

    New Owners

    Welcome New Owners @Jamie @Frezmo @PaPa-LaGs Pce @Ruizu @Kurama @alligator
  2. Kasper


    Minecraft 1v1s with brackets on eu.minemen.club (Should let winner choose prize under 50€)
  3. Kasper

    Giveaway 4x 5 credits

  4. Kasper

    Best staff resignation

    finally. 1 less spastic on jb
  5. Kasper

    Entertain me

    What music do you listen to? iann dior What are you doing over your half term? i start summer holidays on wednessday (3 months off) look for job How have you been doing? grinding What's your favorite server on ENW? minigames when shah was sl Who's your favorite staff member? Bootcamp doge
  6. Kasper

    Anyone know this guy?

    didnt you say u were like leaving
  7. Kasper

    Josh's Resignation

    that paragraph made me shed a tear. #fixbhop
  8. Kasper


    omgomgomgomg jb ktan no way omgomg omg
  9. Kasper

    REQUEST Vip suggestion

    can this get added or what
  10. Kasper

    free VIP Surf Combat KTAN!

    if i did know i'd say the name wouldn't i (nice team in 5v5, free win for us no comp)
  11. Kasper

    free VIP Surf Combat KTAN!

    dust 2015, the japanese looking one with big river in middle with the houses and the castle looking yolk, something that isnt an eyesore
  12. Kasper


    make everything rgb
  13. Kasper

    My Resignation

    pce pce gamer
  14. Kasper

    Lumi's demotion

    U actually gonna bait me like this... I came here to see if he deleted SB and u don't even say what he did
  15. Kasper

    Why i hate Wednesdays

    wedness day is a half day in my school wedness rated 10/10