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  1. +1 Did this to get entry D:
  2. I agree with this especially as freekillers will leave when they relise they have to play 30 mins
  3. Hmmm, yeh totaly explained how this effects mod / admin apps right? Yeh thought so.
  4. I know im not tagged or anything in this topic and also banned, but if you did follow these guide lines, any admin who wants to apply cant show if they know what there doing, as 3/4 of the application is dedicated to different situations make somepeople more suitable than others, meaning if we you do put these in you may end up bringing in bad admins who dont know what they are doing.
  5. Ok so I started played Surf RPG and I was the highest level at one point, having the best damage, health etc felt very rewarding. People did get annoyed when I killed them but if they got there revenge they was proud (trust me I know (Kacper sam)). And you have now removed all the *good* upgrades making new player more a challenge, which I can understand, but I dont feel like its rewarding enough. I know some may disagree, but im just asking for the people who play a lot are more rewarded with better upgrades. Thanks
  6. Yes I got my answer of Pank so can someone lock this post.
  7. Yes becuase you said "omfg who even are you?" in voice chat. Also yes I am obv butthurt. and im not turning it around im just showing the truth
  8. Yes, but before I do I wanna know why only I got banned and not them? They are even coming on the fourms and replying to my topics?
  9. I only flame people who flame me Im not going to allow people like you to talk to me like shit. Also as you seem older I expect you to act older rarther than bullying me in voice chat. Please also reply things valid to my topic. Thanks!
  10. Ok so I have been flamed for "rushing vents" just after cells opened. Because in therory if the vents are open with no T inside the cell then a T is inside vents. However some admins have told me I CAN'T do that where as some have told me I CAN. So I would like this rule clearing up before someone gets a CT ban for it. Thanks!
  11. Yeh I was looking at Atzul but he hasn't been on his CS account in 7 days. Also the answer to your next question is, no. -.-
  12. Hey, so im looking for a profile picture for my account. If anyone will be so generous to create me one, I would like it to be based of CSGO and have the word "Crispp" written on it. I understand not many people are willing to do this but if you are please hit me up. Thanks! Have a nice day!!!
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