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  1. P.S this is not to be insulting pruppet. Just saying that you gotta fix this shit.
  2. First of all, this isn't just about pruppet, i love pruppet. (This goes to all the fat devs)
  3. So i've been grinding/farming for 2 days of surf combat, i'm currently in number one position. Then all you see Pruppet says, your rank and your stats is going to be reset..... Like wtf if you fucking create a game then you need to test it out and see if it is alright. You don't just toss it to people and be like. 'Uh suh dude we need to reset your rank' Then schwars says 'Ah we're losing the population' Course you are if you're manipulating other peoples stats. What i'm saying is just fucking check if anything is op or not or any bugs and shit. So basically if you come up with another server. Check for any bugs or exploits or rigged op items then let the players play... and the population increase.
  4. Thats the same as saying i went to mist's house to say fuck you instead of talking to him on steam am i right
  5. Netflix... Pretty sure the that you can read the information of a group without joining it.
  6. When ever i try to register for VIP it says  You can not create more 0 accounts per IP. can you please help me ty 

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