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  1. there are so many cheaters in all of these servers and it is tiring playing on them because of there people please do something
  2. Mr.P

    also how do I become admin for the deathrun server because there are a lot of rude comments and racist one and i would like to stop that

  3. Mr.P

    hi HupHop

    i would like to report an admin because this admin has been exploiting their powers by using noclip and cheating and activating sv_cheats. I do not appreciate admins exploiting

    please remove this person from admin

    1. Mr.P


      or do something like a warning

    2. Dawn


      If you report an admin I need a name and some evidence to back up your report. Just telling me someone abused, there is nothing I can do with that.

    3. Mikey


      'T was me, I am guilty of thus called abuse!


      No, in all seriousness now.

      Mr.P, I was noclipping because there was a trap that became invincible after it was activated, everyone would just fall trough it.

      After I checked wether the trap was glitched, I changed map as well. I hope you understand what happened now.


      I already told you this multiple times, I hope this clears it up for you.

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