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  1. Yoblana


    Talking about multigame prize
  2. Yoblana


    last time you said you were giving something away, what happened?
  3. Yoblana

    Surf Combat - Rules

    Edited rule : You may not spawn kill. You may not spawn hop. | | V You are only allowed to be in other teams spawn when spawn protection has been disabled. This has been made to clear up what is spawn hopping and spawn killing as there has been confusion recently
  4. Yoblana

    Queen Elizabeth

    5 hours left 🙂
  5. Yoblana

    Promotions (Mostly)

    Congratulations 🙂
  6. Yoblana

    NEWS Vip JoinSounds

    I think it is alright if it starts at 53 seconds instead of 52
  7. Yoblana

    Surf Combat - Rules

    Short lived rule Do not kill in buy zone has been removed due to the fact that too many problems are being caused and people abusing it. Maybe implemented later when proper plugin is set up.
  8. Yoblana


    Anti-mashiro rise up
  9. Yoblana

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Surf Combat Added plugin : Cow Anti-cheat (Highly rated anti-cheat)
  10. Yoblana

    Surf Combat - Rules

    Added a rule (will be adding plugin to disable killing hopefully)
  11. Yoblana

    NEWS Vip JoinSounds

    In Game Name: elite gamer Steam-ID (64bit): 76561198333859887 Song: Time Stamp: 0:14-0:24
  12. Yoblana

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Surf Combat Added plugin : Redie (this version is in beta but it seems to work fine) Map: Changed surf_skyworld version.
  13. Yoblana


  14. Yoblana

    Shit ENW Says

    @Krokanteknul cheating on me?
  15. Yoblana

    NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

    Surf Combat Added plugin : Disable radar Map change client crash fixer (fixes games crashing when map switches) Reset score Added config : sv_autobunnyhopping 1 makes client sided bhop instead of outdated plugin sv_airaccelerate 2000 increase from 1000 to make it easier to keep speed. mp_join_grace_time 15 and mp_warmuptime 15 to allow players to play first round and not wait. mp_startmoney 10000 to buy weapons on first round Thanks @BReeZ for various suggestions. I may add more in the future