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  1. https://gyazo.com/f6548d4d47c8054026200981c4f25064 Map didn't change after countdown.
  2. Any chance there could be available tags for people without VIP? And thanks for responding so quick and fixing guys
  3. https://gyazo.com/0001bd8f7be39674ef016ceb63ebfc0a Name tags ^ Just thought there could be more creative tags.
  4. There are 2 available tags, one of which is free. I just thought more could be added.
  5. A message every 5 minutes is better then 100 every second.
  6. Possible have a common message what shows in chat telling people, 'If you fail use !r to restart' instead of everyone flooding the server. Yea just have a few for the scrubs, just an idea. I know that VIP needs multiple bonuses etc. Then whats the point of us voting for a new map then giving the countdown which then does nothing. Surely it should just be removed and only have RTV
  7. I don't know if this happens in the other servers also but I do think that the following should be considered to be fixed or changed: Commands: Commands like !r and !store all show in chat, i know commands like /r and /store do the same and don't show but everyone uses '!' and ends up flooding the chat. If this was changed so it wasn't shown that would improve the server. Ranks/Levels: I've been playing a while now and am still known as 'Unranked' whether this is me being bad or the ranks being difficult to achieve i think they should add more ranks for the lower levels. OR possible there is no ranks and if this is so they should be introduced to show off players skill and this would probably make people want to play more so they can achieve higher ranks. Store I think more name tags should be added to there store, currently i think there are 3, if more customisation is added then players will want to play more to gain access to the better looking items available in the store. Map change I played yesterday and realised when the map finishes without RTV the map doesn't actually change. The countdown would go down to announce the end of the map and when it reached 0 nothing happened. If these could be fixed i think the server would be a lot better. If anyone wants any more details PM me and i will reply ASAP
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